Sheet metal and profiles shot blasting machine is a common machine. It strongly blast the Sheet metal and profiles to remove surface rust, welding slag and scale, making it show uniform metal color, improve coating quality and corrosion prevention effect. blast machines in processing widths ranging from 1000mm to 4500mm.  and can easily be integrated into preservation lines for automatic painting. The equipment is mainly composed of blasting chamber, front and rear sealing chamber, blast wheels, roller conveyor mechanism projectile cycle apparatus, maintenance platforms, dust removal system and electrical control system components.

Shot Blasting Process

Workpieces to be sandblasted are moved by roller conveyors located at the entrance and exit of the machine. Turbines are located on machine frame in an appropriate angle to sandblast part surface from bottom and top. Ability to quick sandblast the products in lengthwise, sandblasting finished products moving on roller conveyors and presence of conveyor system are significant advantages. Conveyor speed can be adjusted for each loading depending on the part type and sandblasting surface by digital speed control feature.

The mixture of steel shot and dirt formed in the process of blasting will be collected in the elevator by screw conveyor, and carried to the separator by the elevator, and then to each blast wheel.

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Blast Turbines

Blast turbines is mainly composed of abrasive, belt pulleys, bearing, motor etc.

  1. The material of distributor, control cage, guard plate is high chrome wear resistant casting iron, the material of blade is 20CrMnMo.
  2. Compared to conventional turbines up to 15% higher energy efficiency
  3. Simple change of the rotational direction of the turbine
  4. Both sides of the throwing blades can be utilized
  5. Blast wheel bottom has cushioning rubber, which can reduce vibration
  6. Depending on the used blast media, higher overall blade life can reach 1500 hr
  7. Easy replacement of the throwing blades by simple removal of the side turbine lid
  8. Compared to conventional turbines, the new design turbines has less noise, energy-efficiency, large abrasive flow rate and good cleaning effect advantages.

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Abrasive Removal Unit

After the blasting process, the steel plate may still be covered in blast media, which must be cleaned off. This task is carried out by a roller brush, which is fitted with securely attached brush segments, which are interchangeable.

The roller brushes flick the spent abrasive from the steel plate surface into a specially designed trough which has a screw conveyor taking the media back into circulation. To keep the position between the brushes and the screw conveyor constant when blasting different sized steel plate, both are built with the same adjustable framework. The material of brush is high strength MC nylon, it can use about 5 years.

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Technical Data

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Working video