Steel structure shot blasting machine is built to clean profiles welded, pipes, h-beam and other similar components. They are mostly used for descaling, derusting, paint removal, paint preparation, deburring and general surface preparation prior welding, cutting, machining and burning operations.

Roller conveyor system

1. Robust roller conveyors are driven over their complete length
2. Rollers made from wear-resistant material, it can use 10-15 years at least
3. External drive with gear motor
4. Roller conveyors with heat treated rollers in the blast zone
5. Roller load capacity is variable in line with the parts loads
6. Automatic parts recognition on the side of the roller conveyor

Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine 5

Blast cabinet

1. The blast cabinet is made of solid ZGMn13 steel guard plates. Blast part can be further protected by a wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel.
2. ZGMn13 steel guard plate, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.
3. To avoid shot balls spatter when blast cleaning, several rubber layers are fitted in blast cabinet. One set shot blasting machine contains at least four sets of rubber layers curtain. The curtain layers have highly abrasive-resistant, can use 6 years.
4. The machine adopt environment friendly high efficiency cartridge filter, dust collecting efficiency reach to 99.9%.
5. The equipment adopt pneumatic control abrasive distribution system, which eliminate the blast wheel idling and injuring workers.

Blast Turbines

1. Compared to conventional turbines up to 15% higher energy efficiency
2. Simple change of the rotational direction of the turbine
3. Both sides of the throwing blades can be utilized
4. Depending on the used blast media, higher overall blade life can reach 1500 hr
5. Easy replacement of the throwing blades by simple removal of the side turbine lid

Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine 6

Technical Data

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Working video