steel structure shot blasting machine 1

Steel structure shot blasting machine is specially designed to clean all kinds of steel structure, the machine is designed with large dimension capacity to produce different work-pieces of all sizes.

Work-pieces are transported by a roller conveyor system into blasting chamber, all surfaces can be blasted evenly. The working chamber is protected by high resistance weld-in-one replaceable plates, which offers long service time and low maintenance cost.

They are mostly used for descaling, derusting, paint removal, paint preparation, deburring and general surface preparation prior welding, cutting, machining and burning operations.


Corrosion removal
Remove welding slag
Remove rust
Paint Stripping
Provides ideal surface finish (SA2.5-3.0) for securing a continuous and effective bond between the steel surface and coat.


No. model MACB1000-4 MACB1500-4 MACB2000-6 MACB2000-8 MACB2500-8
1 Max.working width(mm) 1000 1500 2000 2000 2500
2 Max. Working height(mm) 500 1000 1000 1500 2000
3 Number of wheels* power(kw) 4*7.5/11 6*7.5/11/15 8*7.5/11 6*15 8*11/15
4 Wheels optional 8*7.5/11 10*7.5
5 Work speed(m/min) 0.5-3 0.5-3 0.5-3 0.5-3 0.5-3
6 Dust collector HR-24 HR-32 HR-40 HR-48 HR-48
7 Foundation pit required No No Yes Yes Yes

The technical data is not binding and may be subject to change.

Depending on the type of parts, production method, etc., further machine types and measurement specification sheets upon request.


Roller Conveyor System

☆A roller is first welding and then processing, to ensure the concentricity of the roller.
☆The material of roller is 45# carbon steel, it can use 8-10 years.
☆Both sides of the roller are equipped with sprocket covers to protect the sprockets and spindle nose.
☆The roller support has secondary reinforcement, it is enough to load the workpiece.

Roller conveyor 1

Blasting chamber

Blast Chamber

☆10 Years Warranty
10 years maintenance-free warranty to blasting chamber
☆All-round protection
Blast chamber used ZGMn13 steel guard, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.
☆3-layers Seal Curtain
3 layers protection curtain to prevent the shot balls spatter out during blast cleaning.

Intelligent Feeding

☆Infrared induction system send signal to computer when work-piece reached the opening.
☆Dosing unit release abrasive when work-piece reach blast chamber, no-load running is avoided.
☆Blast chamber service time lengthen max 20%, energy cost saved max 30%

Intelligent Feeding


No Model Standard Configuration Optional
1 Control panel Radiator fan Air conditioner
2 PLC Siemens OMRON
3 Touch screen Siemens Weinview
4 Electric elements Schneider SIMENS
5 Frequency converter Delta OMRON;Mitsubishi; other brand
6 Proximity switch OMRON


steel plate shot blasting machine 4

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

pass through shot blasting machine 1

Beam Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine

roller conveyor shot blasting machine 22

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine