Mechanical pre-descaling and final chemical surface treatment of hot-rolled stainless steel strip (Cr-Ni, titanium strip) and Si-alloy strip are almost exclusively carried out in integrated processing lines that combine annealing, cooling and mechanical descaling. Strip blast cleaning systems are renowned in this field and offer clear benefits.

  • Speed: 25-60m/min
  • Strip width: 500mm-1600mm
  • Turbines: 55-160kw
  • Threat: High carbine steel
  • Inox steel
  • MKM steel


  • High performance mechanical descaling of steel strip (stainless and silicon steel, low carbon, titanium) integrated in highly sophisticated continuous production lines.
  • Type series ranging up to strip widths of 500 mm to 1600mm
    Modular concept meeting production requirements.
  • Reliable and economical operation resulting in a high degree of surface cleanliness.
  • Blast cleaning and surface qualities up to Sa 2 – Sa 2.5
  • High overall efficiency and reliability, low space requirements
  • Easy adaptation to strip width
  • Blast wheel arrangement and concept ensures maximum exploitation of blasting energy and intensity and prevents from blasting interferences
  • Efficient abrasive blow-off, maximum abrasive cleaning and recovery, efficient dust collection
  • High wear-resistant execution of parts subject to wear
  • Continuous further development ensures application of latest technology; high sustainability
  • Descaling of narrow-, medium-, and wide steel strip.

During the different processing phases, QGMA blast cleaning systems can be adjusted to fit specification. The adjustment will be made by regulating the abrasive throughput rate, by varying the abrasive throwing speed or the breadth of abrasive impingement.

This guarantees maximum power utilisation, and the most efficient use of resources.

The equipment is equally suitable for continuous as well as for push-pull pickling lines.

Specific surface finish requirements can be met by operating several machine modules in sequence. Cold-rolled steel strip can pass through the system without blast cleaning.

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