Work car shot blasting machines, also called bogie table or trolley machines, are a kind of automatic blasting machine with a customized work car to deliver work-pieces through chambers.

The work car design offers customers a solution to solve high labor cost, it can fit with both wheel blast machine and air blast room well.

Multiple small-middle sized work-pieces or single large sized work-piece are set on top of the work car, work car will rotate while blasting process for a full blasting coverage. To work-pieces with complex shapes, an additional air blast is optional installed, it is operated by an full protected worker in blasting chamber to clean blind corners.

Bogie Work Car Shot Blasting Machine is a fine solution for the treatment of middle and large size and heavy castings or forgings from 5 to 200 tons, such as

marine engines,

energy and power generation components,

wind towers.

Removing of casting sand and filings, consolidating of the surface before coloring, etc.

Key feature of bogie work car shot blasting machine

Easy exchange of cartridge filters.

Work Car System

The use of the transport bogie with a rotary table allows work pieces to be loaded and unloaded outside the blast chamber by cranes and moved safely into and out of the machine.

The rotation function achieves a full abrasive coverage for better results.

The work car inside the chamber rotates, and components are exposed to high velocity abrasive propelled from a number of blast wheels placed at different angel and position. Number of blast wheels depends on type of jobs to be blasted.

Blast turbines

☆Dynamic Simulation Design
High blast speed, full abrasive cover, low mechanical wear, long service time
☆Blade & Impeller:
High precision cast and low pressure vacuum heat treatment
Hardness: HRC50-55
☆Blast wheel bottom has cushioning rubber, which can reduce vibration
☆Inner Protection:
Full protection plates with abrasive movement adjusting design, high Cr alloy plate, HRC55

blast turbines
dust collector

Cartridge Dust Collector

☆2-3 Level Cleaning

Cleaning efficiency: 99%

☆Filter dust collector

Service time: 5 years

Easy exchange of cartridge filters.

☆Pressure difference is monitored to automatically set the cleaning cycle increasing the life time of the cartridge and saves compressed air.

Blast effect

work car shot blasting machine 5

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