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Tunnel type shot blasting machine is a overhead rail machine with open loop, 1 inlet opening and 1 outlet opening. It is suitable for middle, big sized work-pieces hung directly on hangers or small work-pieces hung to customized jigs.
Multiple blast turbines are installed in the working chamber for full abrasive coverage. Extra cleaning units like high pressure blower is available for better surface cleanness.
Tunnel type shot blasting machines are often integrated into a automatic production line before painting process.

Tunnel type shot blasting machines can process work-pieces like:

Agricultural machinery parts,

Tower crane,

Large castings,

Heat-treated parts,

Truck chassis,

Large steel structure,



No. model MATK03/06 MATK05/12 MATK08/20 MATK10/25 MATK12/30
1  Max dia of workpiece (mm)  300  500  800  1000  1200
2  Max height of workpiece (mm)  600  1200   2000  2500   3000
3  Number of wheels* power(kw)  4*7.5  8*7.5  10*11  12*11  12*11
4  Wheels optional 6*11 8*15 10*15 12*15
5  Air volume(m³/h)  6000  12000 18000  22000 25000
6  Foundation pit required  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

tunnel type blasting machine drawings

Key feature of tunnel type shot blasting machine

blast turbines

Blast turbines

☆Dynamic Simulation Design
High blast speed, full abrasive cover, low mechanical wear, long service time
☆Blade & Impeller:
High precision cast and low pressure vacuum heat treatment
Hardness: HRC50-55
☆Dynamic Balance
Weight tolerance of single piece blade: ±2g, excellent dynamic balance.
☆Inner Protection:
Full protection plates with abrasive movement adjusting design, high Cr alloy plate, HRC55

Blast Chamber

☆All-round protection
Blast chamber used ZGMn13 steel guard, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.

☆3-layers Seal Curtain
3 layers protection curtain to prevent the shot balls spatter out during blast cleaning.

☆Limit switch
Limit switch for every acess door to protect people in any case work open the door, the blast turbine will stop according.


dust collector

Cartridge Dust Collector

☆2-3 Level Cleaning

Cleaning efficiency: 99%

Max 3 level cleaning: settling chamber+ cyclone system+ bag dust collector

☆Filter dust collector

Service time: 5 years

Easy exchange of cartridge filters.

☆Pressure difference is monitored to automatically set the cleaning cycle increasing the life time of the cartridge and saves compressed air.

blast effect - tunnel type shot blasting machine


hanger type shot blasting machine 21

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hanger type shot blasting machine 22

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steel structure shot blasting machine 1

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