wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is a continuous mesh belt through abrator , it is widely used in large quantities of small parts and thin-wall castings, thin-wall and fragile iron or aluminum ally castings, and other workpiece surface cleaning. Removing remains of casting sand and cores, removing rust, removing old paint, removing visible signs of welding and noble cutting, removing oxidised layer caused by thermal treatment, etc. deburring (pressure casting, sink forging, cutting, etc.), micro handling (increasing surface solidity, reducing the impact of surface micro cuts, etc.), preparing for surface protection (colouring, enamelling, galvanising, etc.), changing visual look of the surface (glossing, etc.), etc. Shot blasting of casts, welded constructions and parts remodelled cold or hot of complicated forms.

Features and Benefits

★ To achieve excellent blast results the 2 or 8 blast wheels are arranged at horizontal and vertical axes, inclined to face the wire mesh direction,to achieve complete coverage of workpieces such as: gearboxes, gears, gear wheels, diecastings, castings, formed and forged parts .
★ Blast wheel layout adopt 3-D dynamic simulation design, ensures optimal shot blasting angle and distance, treat the object items on all sides with a high quality surface appearance but without overlapped and dead zone.
★ Blast cabinet Welded by steel plates and profile steel, have enough strength and rigidity.
★Mesh belt made from hardened manganese steel, it is not need to replacement in a short time.
★ In order to prevent the workpiece running in the process of deviation, at both ends of the mesh belt to make a baffle.
★ Wire mesh conveyor shot blast machines are very flexible in their application. The fact that work pieces can be blasted simultaneously from above and below considerably increases the spectrum of work pieces that can be treated.
★ The machine has high efficiency, it can efficiency avoid parts collision to damage parts surface.