QGMA Group has delivery one set sandblasting room to Chile

QGMA Group has produce one set sandblasting room for Chile customer, the size of room is 15m*6m*6m, with 2 units sandblasting machine and 2 blast guns. The customer used this machine to blast car frame, chassis and other big workpiece, the biggest size of workpiece is 12m*3.5m*3m.

An abrasive blast facility reduces blasting costs and environmental contamination by bringing blasting indoors, making possible the use of recyclable abrasives. To make the most of recyclable abrasive, an efficient abrasive recovery system automates the media recovery and cleaning processes.

sandblasting room use U-shape recovery system 1

For this sandblasting room, we use U-shape recovery system, including 2 units scrapers, 1 unit screw conveyor system. That belongs to semi-automatic recovery system, it means when the sandblasting room system is working, the most abrasive will through scrapers into screw conveyor system, then into bucket elevator to achieve recycle. Some abrasive need worker push them into scraper after finished work. In this system, there is a complete grid floor over the scraper recovery system and screw conveyor system.

We have full automatic recovery system and semi-automatic recovery system for sandblasting room, all of those systems ultimately convey the abrasive mix to the base of the elevator. The elevator is equipped with a belt and bucket system which picks up the abrasive. The abrasive is fed through an outlet at the top elevator onto a special drum sieve and then onto the abrasive cleaner (cascade cleaner). It can then be extracted through the main filter or a separate self-cleaning cartridge filter. The cleaned abrasive mix is collected in the storage bunker and is now ready for re-use.

sandblasting room use U-shape recovery system 2

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