QGMA has delivered the rotary table shot blasting machine

QGMA has loaded the container for delivery rotary table shot blasting machine today.

Application of turn table shot blasting machine

Rotary table shot blasting machine is suitable for casting, building, chemical, electric machine, machine tool and other industries such as casting, forging surface cleaning or strengthening. Especially for varies type small amount castings, forgings and steel structural parts surface cleaning and polishing, to remove the work pieces surface adhering sand, sand core and oxide skin; also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat-treated pieces; especially suitable for unfavorable collision long and thin wall parts cleaning.

rotary table shot blasting machine 2

The composition of the rotary table blasting machine

  • Blasting chamber
  • Elevator
  • Separator
  • 1blast wheel assembly
  • Abrasives dosing system
  • Rotary table rotary device
  • Rotary table system
  • Rotating device
  • Dust collect system
  • Electrical control part

QGRT1000 turn table shot blasting machine is a stander model, it with 1 unit 7.5kw blast turbine, which is mounted on top of the blasting chamber. That with 1 set 1000mm rotary table system.

rotary table shot blasting machine 3

Working routine

The turn table shot blast cleaning equipment can be operated in automatic mode and manual mode. When in manual mode, the working routine is:

dust collect system running→Elevator open, separator open→Open blast wheel→Open abrasive supply valve, start clean→The abrasive dosing unit will be automatically stop after running out of the settled blasting time→Blast wheel stop→Rotary table rotating stop→Open the chamber door, the workpiece get out of the blasting chamber→Abrasive supply valve、blast wheel stop, rotary table stop rotate, elevator stop, dust collector stop, the whole machine stop

rotary table shot blasting machine 4

Rotary table shot blasting machine is non-standard blasting equipment, we can according to work piece size (width* height) to design the size of the machine. Usually, rotary table shot blasting machine adopt the most popular no pit structure, not only save the construction cost and time, but also solve the problem that elevator shot/sand rust agglomerate caused by pit water storage.

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