hanger type blasting machine

QGMA undertake shot blasting machine project for CRCC train door production line

CRCC Corporation Limited is one of the biggest rolling stock building manufacturers in the whole worldand, mergered by CNR and CSR in 2015. CRCC is a leading rolling stock corporation and takes about 90% of China market. CRCC has also successfully expanded oversea markets like South-East Asia, South Asia, Europe, etc.

QGMA is a manufacturer of surface treatment machines, such as: shot blasting machine, sand blasting room, shot peening machine, portable shot blaster, etc. QGMA has rich experience cooperating with various industries, and has won high satisfaction from customers over 50+ different countries.

In this cooperation, CRCC highly recognized QGMA’s innovation and quality control power. QGMA offered a highly custom-design hanger type shot blasting machine according to CRCC’s production character and daily production quantity, combined with high cleaness, long service time, high safety, low noise, low energy cost and environment-friendly.

QGMA has been expanding higher level markets and over sea markets for more than 10 years, has successfully produced all kinds of machines such as roller conveyor type, hanger type, overhead rail type, wire mesh type, rotation table type, and other types for various industries: casting, shipyard, automobile, tool making, welding, aerospace, etc.

hanger blasting machine

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