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Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Advantage

Nowadays, sheet metal plates are the main element of any fabrication work. A clean, rust and scale-free surface of the plate is a fundamental requirement for the anti-corrosion treatment of rolled steel products i.e. sheet metal plates.
Thus, to serve the above purpose, we specially design the plate cleaning or shot blasting machines to remove surface contaminant or clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating. Rust and mill skin are two surface contaminants which need to be removed to ensure a reliant adhesion of the primer or coating afterwards.
These machines are fully automatic and equipped with roller conveyor type job conveying system. The use of a shot blasting system is a cost-effective means of reducing today’s high manufacturing expenses while improving the quality of your product.
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These Machines are generally used for
1. Remove of heat treated scales from the surface of the plates.
2. Rust Removal.
3. For removal of old paint from metal surface of ships and other structural steel components.
4. For creating rough surface for proper bounding of the primer/paint.
Workpiece Principle of Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine
It consists of inlet and outlet side Roller conveyors as material handling systems. The plates to be blasted are placed on inlet side of the roller conveyor, from where it travels forward and enters into the inlet tunnel. After passing through the inlet tunnel components enters into the blast zone which consists of Blast Wheels. These Blast wheel units are strategically placed around the Blast cabinet. The arrangement of the blast wheel ensures optimum blast cleaning and maximum utilization of the abrasive energy. Blast wheels fires the abrasive at high velocity on the forward moving plates & blast cleans them thoroughly. Blasted material moves forward and enters into the outlet tunnel.
A Dust collection system is provided with the machine which will continuously remove the dust and fine particles, thus keeping the inside of the machine and the nearby environment dust & pollution free.
roller conveyor shot blasting machine 1
Roller conveyor shot blasting machine as one of the best-selling shot blasting machine in QGMA, its main component is very important.
①Blast wheel assembly
The blast wheel is made of blade, impeller, blast wheel housing line etc..In double disk design, equipped with 8 insertable throwing blades, each and central mechanical abrasive pre-acceleration. The high quality welded housing is completely wear resistant lined. The faces are protected with hardened plates produced of tool steel. The blast wheel can easily be dismounted on the side of the feeding pipe without detaching the motor.
Using Curtain-type multi level air wash purifier separator, separator efficiency reach to 99.9%.
③Bucket elevator
The bucket elevator using belt drive, the bucket material is 16Mn.
④Crosswise screw conveyor and longitudinal screw conveyor
The blade material is 16 Mn. High chrome wear resistant cast iron grate guard plate which protect the screw conveyor and prevent big clump to get into the hopper damaging the bottom screw conveyor.
The machine adopt environment friendly high efficiency cartridge filter, dust collecting efficiency reach to 99.9%.
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