Roller conveyor shot blasting machine for Malaysian customers

After Chinese New Year, QGMA Machinery deliveried a set of roller conveyor shot blasting machine to Malaysia. Our engineering team according to customers workpiece design the machine opening size is 1800mm wide and 1600mm high. Our company insist on trail run and pre-assemble the machine before delivery. Although it will cost more money, but it can save customers install time.  In the process of assembly and trail run the machine, we have been recorded the video.  As the influency of the COVID-19, our engineer can not go aboard to help customer to installation. The video is one of the installation manuals for customer.

Shot blasting machine is used to remove sticky sand and oxide scale in casting and forging parts. It mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the shot sand out and hit the surface of the part at high speed to meet the requirements of surface treatment. Shot blasting machine is the non-standard machine, it can according to the customers requirements to do some special design.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine for Malaysian customers 2

As we all know, after using for a period of time the shot blasting machine needs to be maintained to extend the service life.

Now let QGMA Machinery tell you some points need to attention and some skills when you are using the shot blasting machine.

What to pay attention to when operating the shot blasting machine?

  1. 1.The operator must pay attention to whether the display of the electric cabinet is normal during the operation of the equipment.
  2. All personnel entering the shot blasting room must wear goggles and safety helmets.
  3. The operator must check the equipment every day. Including: lubrication part and mechanical part. Lubrication parts such as: reducer, hydraulic, lubricator and bearing chain.        Mechanical parts such as: wear of rotating parts, wear of vulnerable parts. The wear status is registered every day, and the wearing parts should be replaced in time. For example: If the shot blaster vibrates, it must be stopped immediately to replace the blades.
  4. The lubrication part should be filled with oil in time.
  5. The directional sleeve must be adjusted and replaced in time.
  6. Check whether the amount of steel shot is sufficient every day.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine for Malaysian customers 1

What are the skills of the shot blasting machine?

  1. During the shot blasting cleaning process, try to put as many workpieces as possible in the ejection area, which can improve the cleaning efficiency and reduce the wear of the guard plate and increase its service life.
  2. In the case that the workpiece cannot be increased, the control cage should be adjusted so that the projected steel shot is projected on the workpiece as much as possible, which can also increase the life of the guard plate and reduce its wear.
  3. ① The dust removal system should adjust the gates of the branch pipes to make the wind distribution reasonable and enhance the dust removal effect.

② The dust collector should ensure regular dust removal.

For QGMA Machinery, selling equipment to customer is not our ultimate goal. Making customer satisfied with the machine and bring profits to customer is our pursuit.


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