Sandblasting room shipped to Australia

Sandblasting room shipped to Australia

Yesterday we shipped a set of sandblasting room to Australia. The machine size is 13m*8m*6m, with a trolley that has 5T loading capacity. Sandblasting room is an alternative to chemical cleaning or outdoor blasting. It becomes more and more popular across a wide range of industries.

Benefits of sandblasting room

Via removal of rust, coatings, and other surface materials sandblasting can make sure the new coatings better adhere to the surface of the item. Sandblasting is more friendly for the environment. It not only eliminates chemical clean costs but also can reduce toxic chemical exposure. The sandblasting room can allow companies to arrange the production under the control of the weather conditions, time of the day, or other activities that occurred nearby. This multi-function machine can save more costs, and in fact, the sandblasting room can pay for itself in just a year.

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Requirements and preparation of sandblasting room

The sandblasting system relies on a modern, well-designed sandblasting chamber to ensure a closed, controlled, and clean environment for abrasive recovery. Whether it is to remove an existing coating or to prepare a surface for a new coating, it is essential to use an air compressor for optimal surface treatment.

Sandblasting rooms also have many sizes and material preparation requirements. Some factors to consider include the size and weight of the maximum workpiece, material handling method, sandblasting time, and base material. Also, the width and length of the room had to be increased by four to five feet, depending on the size of the largest piece. The height of the room is also determined by the largest workpiece, but material handling plays an important role in this.

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Components and design of the sandblasting room

The dust collection system is the key component of the sandblasting room. Reverse pulse cartridge precipitators are now standard because they have a reliable exhaust motor that takes the air out of space and traps it in the filter. These collectors also feature enhanced pleated paper to improve filtration efficiency and reduce size requirements for the facility’s dust collection system. Proper maintenance, such as occasional dusting of ink cartridges, is also important. However, some modern techniques allow self-cleaning through a brief reverse flow of air. Pulse sensing technology differentiates the pressure between the clean and dirty sides of the filter. The dust collector must produce 50 feet of air per minute through the enclosure. The production of dust or hazardous materials may even require rates of up to 100 FPM.

Whether you need to remove abrasive material from the inside of the tank car or from smaller gaps or containers, your plan should include vacuum recovery. Blasting medium recovery systems should be carefully analyzed, as an efficient recovery system is essential to minimize cleanup time and overall project costs. Efficient capture of the media for delivery to the recovery point and reliable transport of the media to cleaner areas are essential for normal performance.

Manufacturers and distributors of these systems typically offer a variety of recovery solutions for all or part of the floor space installation. With no moving parts, pneumatic recovery systems work well with lightweight media such as agriculture, plastics, glass beads, and alumina. Mechanical flooring reduces procurement and installation costs and utilizes pneumatic power. It also has trapezoidal steel blades to provide power.

The spiral bottom plate is generally used for steel sand and steel shot. Although they are more expensive and require more digging, they are best at moving the heaviest abrasives.

The cleaning system requires regular shut down for cleaning, which is very suitable for infrequent or irregular blasting needs. These floors use swing technology to move abrasive and dust to cross plates or screw conveyors.

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