Sandblasting room with trolley for Australian customer

sandblasting room with trolley for Australian customer

Last month QGMA Machinery has a set of sandblasting room with trolley delivery to Australia. The sandblasting room floor recycle system is use the full automatic scraper recycle type. The trolley can load 15t, can make the sandblasting work more easy.

QGMA Machinery sandblasting room design is based on the advanced technical from foreign, we develop and design the environmental sandblasting room by ourselves. QGMA Machinery can according to customers workpieces character and requirements to design and made.

The sandblasting room all the sandblasting progress are in the sandblasting chamber, the main cleaning workpieces are large or expensive parts. So every parts of the sandblasting room need to specially design by our engineering team.

The sandblasting room composed with sandblasting chamber, sandblasting machine, recycle system, light system, dust collector system and electric control system.

The sandblasting chamber main advantage

  1. QGMA Machinery sandblasting room adopt to noise reduction sandwich board with a total thickness of 50mm.
  2. Each sandwich panel (2 meters) has a strong frame made of square tubes. Ensure that they will not deform during transportation and installation. The polished and sprayed square tube is sufficient to resist corrosion in the natural environment.
  3. The blast room wall inner is a heavy-duty wear-resistant rubber plate. The service life can reach more than 7 years when the blast chamber system is working 8 hours before 6 days a week. The rubber wire also has a noise reduction effect.
  4. The cargo door is equipped with wear-resistant rubber (up to 5mm). A dedicated sealing system prevents the loss of wear materials and makes closing the door effortless.

sandblasting room with trolley for Australian customer 2

The sandblasting machine main advantage

  1. The blast pot adopt volume 500L blast pot which ensures no need abrasive supplement with in 2 hrs during blast processing. Blast pot hydrostatically tested to operate at a pressure of 8 Bar (each blasting tank have their own certificates in accordance with GB 150.1-150.4-2011 and the only product coding).
  2. Blasting system adopt the most advanced venturi blast nozzle. for the venturi nozzle, a new combination of aluminum and polyurethane adds proven advantages in weight balance, strength and shock absorbent features not found in metal cased nozzles. The long venture design will maximize production requirements as well as give added abrasive impact when needed for tough, hard to clean surfaces.

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The sandblasting room abrasive recycle system

  1. The abrasive recycle system for blasting room have 4 parts: floor recovery, bucket elevator and separator.
  2. The sandblasting room recycle system on floor including manual, semi-automatic and automatic type to recycle the abrasive on the floor.
  3. Sandblast room recovery system use floor recovery system to reclaim the used blasting media and contaminants into the bucket elevator and then into the air wash cleaner system, and then the cleaned abrasive get into the storage hopper to recycle, the residual will get our of the recycle system from the separator.

The sandblasting room light system

QGMA Machinery light fixtures use high efficency LED lamps, which is enable maximum utilization of the luminosity. The fastening system allows easy removal for maintenance.

The sandblasting room dust collector system

  1. 2-level dust collector: settling chamber and cartridge filters. Cleaning efficiency is up to 99.5%.
  2. Filter material from Donaldson, effective filtration area of each filter is up to 15 ㎡.
  3. Air shock valve with timing device can clean filters regularly.
  4. The cartridge dust collector is an economical choice because it requires minimal maintenance: only periodic cartridge replacement is necessary.
  5. Cartridge replacement is performed outside the dust collector and requires no tools. This eliminates the need to work within a confined space and allows the worker to access the cartridge without getting dirty.

All the sandblasting machine, trolley, railing and other parts have the warning marks.

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