sandblasting room 5

Sandblasting room is primarily for cleaning big steel structural parts, vessel, truck chassis to remove the rusty spot, rusty layer and scale cinder on steel to obtain a uniform, smooth and glossy metal surface allowing improved coating quality and higher anti-corrosion performance. We can design sandblasting room according to your requirements.

Room Size

The right room size is dependent on the size of the largest piece you are trying to blast. The blast room should be large enough to accommodate the largest work piece and provide ample room for the blasting personnel to work. We recommend 1-1.5m of workspace around the object being blaster.

Sandblasting System\blast pots

All blast rooms include one or more blast pots which provide the actual abrasive blasting capability. In simplest terms, the blast pot is the pressurized vessel which contains the abrasive and mixes it with compressed air. That mixture is sent out through a blast hose where it is accelerated through a venturi blast nozzle at the other end.
Our blast pots are designed to guarantee fast filling, unrestricted airflow and easy access for inspection and maintenance. High precision abrasive metering valves give accurate delivery of all types of blasting media.

sandblasting room 6

Abrasive recycling system

The purpose of the abrasive recovery system is to separate usable abrasive from debris, dust and broken down abrasive returning from the blast room. Usable abrasive is collected and stored in an abrasive hopper while trash is moved to a drum/bin. The abrasive recovery system is custom engineered based on your production goals.

sandblasting room 7

Dust collector

Cartridge filter dust collector
Fast, Simple and Safe Cartridge Replacement
99% efficiency filters down to particle size of .5 micron; Merv-15 rating
Abrasive inlet plenums, fan, and premium efficiency motors

sandblasting room 8

Floor Recovery

The modular blast room in abrasive recovery is done by mechanical and pneumatic also. It is depend on production rate and customer demand.

Small Hopper Mounted on One Corner of Blast Room

sandblasting room 9

Single Screw Conveyor Floor Recovery

sandblasting room 10

H-Shaped Screw Conveyor Floor Recovery

sandblasting room 11

U-Shaped Screw Conveyor Floor Recovery

sandblasting room 12

Full Floor Screw Conveyor recovery
Full Floor pneumatic (scraper) Recovery

sandblasting room 13

Control System

User friendly thanks to the alphanumeric LED display that gives a precise machine status information to the operator and technical personnel by means of clear communication in a chosen language
Machine operation is continuously supervised by a microprocessor controller
Inbuild operator’s work safety functions
Automatic self-turn off of the machine

Working video

Sandblasting room 2
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sandblasting room 16
sandblasting room 11
sandblasting room 8
Movable container blasting room 1