Sandblasting room is a kind of rust removal equipment, that can replace traditional slab rust-re-moved technique. While changing the surface roughness, it can also remove welding slag, burrs, and flash. High efficiency, low cost and good quality, unmatched by traditional chemical and other rust removal equipment. Which is primarily for cleaning big steel structural parts, vessel, truck chassis to remove the rusty spot, rusty layer and scale cinder on steel to obtain a uniform, smooth and glossy metal surface allowing improved coating quality and higher anti-corrosion performance.

The main feature of sandblasting room is that the operator works in the sandblasting chamber, through manually control blasting gun to finish blasting work, which can ensure 100% rust removal. Protective clothing and helmet protect the operator from abrasive shock and ventilation provides fresh air through the helmet.

Custom Sandblasting Rooms

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Movable container blasting room 1

sandblasting room 1

Sandblasting room wall

The sandblasting room wall is made by the sandwich panel, which is 50mm thick glass wool interlayer. This material is not only can reduce the noise but also can antiflaming and waterproof. In order to facilitate to transportation and installation at customer site, QGMA machinery adopt to the modular design, which is use 25*40mm square tubes as the strong frame for every 2m sandwich panel. In addition to this, inside of the sandblasting chamber, we also adopt 5mm thick natural rubber sheets to protect the sandwich to avoid other damage.

Other way to build the sandblasting room wall is to use the concrete to build a room, and only need to fabrication the recycle system and dust collector. It is the most economic option.

sandblasting wall -- sandblasting room

Sandblasting System

The sandblasting machine is the core of the sandblasting room. The sandblasting machine uses the air compressor as the power to form the spray jet to clean the workpiece surface. QGMA machinery adopts the different volume blast pots can full satisfy customer’s any production requirements. Each blast pot can be equipped with a number of blast guns that meets the customer’s work requirements. Each blast gun it has the operate switch, which controls the blast gun to spray the abrasive or the air.

The blast gun has a different size nozzle, which is up to the customer’s workpiece to be cleaned. All the nozzle we used is the most advanced venturi blast nozzle, which will maximize production requirements as well as give added abrasive impact when needed for tough, hard to clean surfaces.

sandblasting machine -- sandblasting room

Floor Recovery

The sandblasting room floor recovery system includes two basic functions:

  1. Delivery the abrasive which rebounds off the workpiece to a central recovery point.
  2. Transporting the abrasive from the central point to the bottom of bucket elevator for abrasive circulation.

QGMA Group provides 4 types of floor recovery systems to the customers.

Single Partial Floor Recovery System

A single screw partial reclaim system is the most economical floor design available.

The system uses a single screw or scraper conveyor to transport the abrasive and impurities that have been blasted to the workpiece to the bottom of the bucket elevator. You can turn off the screw conveyor when the blasting job is processing. And turn on the conveyor when the blasting job is done, which will save electricity.

This is a basic “automatic” reclaim package that can be expanded to an “H”, “U”, or full floor reclaim system, allowing the operation to be expanded at a later date as the needs grow. It is best suited for low to medium production levels.

sandblasting room 10

U Shaped Partial Floor Recovery System

The system adds two longitudinal screw or scraper conveyors along both sides of the wall on the single floor recovery system.

The U-Shaped partial reclaim system design is typically utilized in an “in-out” room configuration where heavy work pieces and/or material handling devices can drive into the room and position the work piece on the steel covered concrete floor located between the longitudinal and cross screw assemblies. This system is best suited for medium to high production.

sandblasting room 12

H Shaped Partial Floor Recovery System

The “H”-shaped partial reclaim system is typically used in an enclosed abrasive blast room design that allows for positioning of the work piece in between two longitudinal metered screw assemblies along each side wall of the blast room.

The “H” shaped floor design is typically used in a “flow-through” room configuration where heavy workpieces and/or material handling devices can drive into the room.  This is best suited for medium to high production.

sandblasting room 11

Full Floor Recovery System

The full-floor recovery system uses multiple screw or scraper conveyor to cover all the ground of the blast room, which creates a fully automatic, high volume abrasive reclaim system where 100% of the abrasive blast media is returned to the abrasive circulation system during the blasting operation. This allows for a faster reclaim as well as full recycling of the abrasive media, saving your blasting operation both time and money. The Full Floor Reclaim System allows for maximum efficiency of your abrasive blast system.

The full-floor reclaim design requires that the material handling of the work piece be intricately designed into the configuration of the room. The full floor reclaim system involves multiple screw assemblies covered by a grating.  Material handling of the work piece includes a work car/truck system, an overhead monorail crane, an overhead bridge crane, or heavy-duty floor grating and support steel sized to allow a forklift to drive onto the reclaim floor.

sandblasting room 13

Dust collector

During the sandblasting progress, it will have much dust in the chamber. The dust collector fan will take away the dust and dirt into the dust collector system. QGMA machinery use 2-level dust collector.  Firstly the dust and dirt will through the settling chamber the cleaning efficiency will up to 50%, and then they will through the filter cartridge, in there it will clean 99.5% dust.

The dust collector blowing dust is the most important technical for the dust collector. QGMA machinery adopt to the pulse-jet blowing dust type to clean the dust on the cartridge filter. The air shock valve have with timing device can clean filters regularly. We use the filter cartridge material is from Donaldson Technical, which effective filtration area of each filter is up to 15 ㎡.

dust collector for sandblasting room

Control System

The electric control system is mainly composed of dust-proof electric control cabinet, PLC programmable controller(optional), ampere meter, emergency stop, manual key switch, contactor, button, indicator, control element, and so on.

The electrical control of this sandblasting room can realize automatic system control (ie interlocking function), and can also realize individual control of each unit. Automatic control is suitable for normal production use, and separate control is especially necessary for equipment maintenance.

PLC programmable automatic control has manual and automatic states, and has a switching function. When the system is in a maintenance state, each device can be controlled separately; when the system is in a normal state, each device is operated according to a predetermined procedure, and has a certain interlocking function.

Each equipment has good electrical protection. When the equipment fails, it can be safely and reliably protected, and automatically stop the lower-level operation and send out an alarm message. After the fault is removed and a normal instruction is issued, it can be restarted.

In the control of the fan, the star-delta starting method is adopted to reduce the starting current of the motor. In terms of safety, the control loop is equipped with overload, reverse and phase loss protection functions, which more effectively protects the motor, Avoid damaging the motor due to overload, reverse and phase loss. In the circuit design, try to use standard modules, reduce the number of electrical components, reduce the amount of wiring, and reduce the source of failure of the electronic control system to a minimum.

There are junction boxes on each control device, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly of the equipment and convenient for the maintenance of electrical appliances.

All switches, power systems, motors, buttons, signal lights, and main switches of the electronic control system are controlled and detected by the control cabinet. Two cooling fans are installed on the control cabinet. The main circuit part is equipped with overload protection and leakage protection. When the circuit is short-circuited or there is The power supply can be cut off in time in case of electric leakage. The sandblasting host is equipped with a loading level alarm switch. When the system detects that the sand in the sandblasting tank is higher than the loading level, it will give an audible and visual alarm.

Emergency stop switches can be set in the control cabinet and the sandblasting room to quickly stop the operation of the entire equipment when an accident occurs, effectively ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

Working Video

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Sandblasting uses high-pressure compressed air to propel blasting media on the project. This reliable technique suits a wide range of surfaces and a selection of treatments including a variety of abrasive media. Sandblasting equipment removes contaminants such as stripping rust, grease and old paint to provide surface adhesion for new coatings. Sandblasting systems include these components: Air […]

sandblasting room features

Sandblasting room is used for big components, forging, engineering machinery, locomotive vehicle, etc.. In combination with nozzle manipulators installed in the blasting room, surfaces can be automatically processed and areas that are hard to access can be blasted manually.