shot blasting machine in auto industry

Shot blasting machine in automotive industry

Shot blasting machine is widely used in the automotive industry, including automotive axle parts, chassis, engine block, spare parts and other metal parts need to use shot blasting machine, in addition to agricultural machinery, bicycles, motorcycle accessories and other areas can be used in shot blasting machine.


Mainly to do anti-rust treatment, eliminate the internal force of metal parts. Find the defect of the workpiece in advance, remove the welding slag and burr on the flying edge, etc. The steel plate of automobile body is treated by shot blasting machine. After shot blasting, the steel plate is sprayed to improve the anti-rust grade. The shot blasting machine strengthens the original workpiece surface by shot blasting, removes the rust layer and oxide skin on the metal surface, strengthens the internal stress of the metal, and presents uniform metallic luster on the metal surface after shot blasting, which is used to improve the quality of metal coating and anti-corrosion effect. In the automobile industry, shot blasting machine is mainly used to clean the car body or weld seam and strengthen the workpiece. After shot blasting, the surface has a certain roughness, which makes the coating coverage better and improves the overall service life. The strengthening effect mainly aims at the strengthening of engine crankshaft and other output components, eliminating internal stress and improving strength.

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