shot blasting machine in cylinder industry

Shot blasting machine in cylinders industry

Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine are predominantly used to clean LPG/CNC/GAS cylinder, remove remains of casting sand and cores, rust, old paint, visible signs of welding, eliminate surface stress, improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, increases workpiece film adhesion of the paint job, and ultimately achieve the aim of improving the quality of surface and internal, prepare for surface protection (coloring, enameling, galvanizing, etc.). So as to lengthen tool and die life of the cylinder.  The shot blasting part of the machine’s robust housing is protected by wear resistant shields made from manganese steel. Entry seals chamber with series of rubber screens and the exit cleaning chamber keep the abrasive inside the machine. Screw conveyors, an elevator and sand cleaner provide returning and continuing cleaning of the abrasive.

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