Shot blasting machine & sand blasting room quality control

As a large machine that needs to be installed at the customer’s site, there are many installation details of the shot blasting machine & sand blasting room, which require the seller to strictly control the quality of the product itself and communicate with the customer in detail during the installation.Especially for foreign customers, if the product itself is found to have quality problems such as improper size during installation, it will be very troublesome to solve the problems considering transportation, field personnel and other factors.

Quality control in QGMA

With decades of experience of innovation, design and manufacturing of shot blasting machine & sand blasting room, QGMA has complete control methods to ensure the blasting performance, service time and smooth installation.

shot blasting machine 1

100% Trial Run

Shot blasting machine and sand blasting room are designed and produced according to customer’s work piece, produce efficiency and factory space. Each machine is assembled by thousands of customized parts. If we find any problem during installation, it would be very big problem.

QGMA insist on a trial run of all machines we produced in our factory, to ensure the mechanical performance.

100% Pre-assembly

QGMA insist on pre-assemble all machines as much as possible on site, to ensure different parts fit well. Workers are also requested to measure the levelness and perpendicularity of every surface of the machine.

shot blasting machine 2

QGMA also send engineers to conduct one-to-one installation and use training at customers’ site.

 Quality is our life. Service is our mission.

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