Spear parts of shot blasting machine

As we all know, spare parts is the most important parts of the shot blasting machine. The quality of the pare parts will decided the shot blasting machine service life, maintenance cost and blast processing cost. So the spare parts with good quality will generate profit for customers, on the contrary the poor quality spare parts will bring lots of trouble for customers.

The mainly spare parts of the shot blasting machine are the blast turbines spare parts. The blast turbine is the core of the shot blasting machine, so the quality of spare parts are most important.

Spear parts of shot blasting machine1

One blast turbine have 8 pcs of blades, impeller, control cage, distributor and guard plates. When the steel shot into the blast turbines it will use the centrifugal force to throw the steel shot on the surface of the workpiece. So all parts are easy to wear. Qinggong adopt die steel CNC precise processing and low pressure vacuum heat treatment to processed the blade, the processing accuracy can reach 0.01. That made every blades are uniform wear and keep good dynamic balance. The hardness can up to HRC50-55. The guard plate in blast turbine are designed according to steel shot and blades rotating track simulation. After accelerating along the round track, steel shot can reach highest speed and cause the least self-wear. Max thickness of guard plate is up to 70 mm, the service time is greatly increased.

Qinggong Machinery is committed to adopt new materials and new process to improve the shot blasting machine and its spare parts quality and also produce a wide range of high chromium casting, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other precision castings. Qinggong Machinery aims to set up a factory with high quality, high efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to visit us! We can provide you all kinds of shot blasting machine spare parts!

Spear parts of shot blasting machine2

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