Steel plate pass through shot blasting machine for Malaysian customer 1

Steel plate pass through shot blasting machine for Malaysian customer

Recently QGMA has successfully delivery a steel plate type shot blasting machine for Malaysian customer. This type of machine is mainly used for steel plate rust removal. Our customer will also clean some H beams, so our engineering team design the inlet chamber to 2.5 x 1.8m, with 8 high efficiency blast turbines, the power of each turbine is 55 KW. It means the abrasive amount is very huge. After the blasting process. The abrasive and contaminant left on the surface of steel plate can be at least 3-4 cm thick. So our engineering team designs an extra cleaning system for surface cleaning after blasting process.

This cleaning system is in rear sealing chamber, with the triangle scraper, nylon brush, blower, screw conveyor and height adjust system. After this cleaning unit, the surface of the steel plate will not have any steel shot and dust, customer can do the next step such as painting or coating.

Our engineer team uses 3D dynamic simulation design blast turbines layout to ensure that the steel shot can cover the surface of workpiece 360 degrees to ensure the blasting effect.

The blasting chamber with Mn13 steel guard plate which has high impact toughness and high service life, fully realize the reflection function of abrasive and improve the cleaning quality. We can ensure 10 years maintenance-free warranty to blasting chamber. What’s more, we install 3 layer of sealing curtain in inlet outlet opening and between chambers to prevent the abrasive spatter out during the blasting and ensure the safe.

QGMA has won and maintained the trust of prestigious firms worldwide as a result of its capability to supply highly reliable and exceptionally durable machines of extraordinary quality and resistance. If you have any needs for wheel blasting or air blasting.

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Steel plate pass through shot blasting machine for Malaysian customer 3

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