steel structure roller conveyor shot blasting machine 1

Steel structure roller conveyor shot blasting machine successful running in Brazil

Recently, our Brazil customer has successful install a steel structures roller conveyor shot blasting machine by themself.

The customer have steel plate, steel structure and h beams need to be blasted, according to his requirements, we designed a roller conveyor shot blasting machine with opening size is 2000*3000mm.

steel structure roller conveyor shot blasting machine 2

This machine with 8 sets 30kw blast turbines, the blast cleaning speed can reach 4m/min. Our KT blast turbine will increase customer’s efficiency by improving the blast pattern, cutting down media consumption, reducing energy consumption and minimising downtime.

Because the customer have steel plate need to be blasted, so we add abrasive cleaning up system to remove the steel shot which located on steel plate. The abrasive cleaning up system including abrasive below fan, brush, screw conveyor and lifting mechanism. It will remove the steel shot completely. The brush with nylon (Polyamide) material which can keep tenacity at high temperature, keep high cleaning effect, service time 10000 hours under average work condition.

dust collector of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

electric control system of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

According to the customer needs, we designed the dust collector located the outside of the workshop. It have enough chimney that higher than workshop, the powder exhaustion concentration is less than 50mh/m³.

We know because of COVID-19, many customer worry about the install of the shot blasting machine, especially for big size and non-standard machine such as roller conveyor shot blasting machine. Please no worry about this, QGMA will provide engineer to guide install the test the machine. If our engineer can not go to customer factory to guide, we will provide machine drawings, Foundation pit drawings, Circuit diagram, Instruction for installation, Installation video (machine that can install in our workshop before delivery) and video communication guide… to help the customer install the machine by themselves.

For QGMA, selling equipment to customer is not our ultimate goal. Making customer satisfied with the machine and bring profits to customer is our pursuit.

Please feel free to let us know if you are interested in shot blasting machine!

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