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The advantages of the hook shot blasting machine

The hook shot blasting machine is suitable for the surface treatment or strengthening of castings and forgings and weldments of various varieties in batches, and it is particularly suitable for cleaning or strengthening the surface of slender thin-walled parts that collide.This series of models are suitable for cleaning large-scale welded structural parts such as section steel, steel structures, copper plates, construction machinery, etc., removing the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on the surface, eliminating internal residual stress and obtaining a uniform metallic luster. In order to improve the coating quality and anticorrosive effect of steel.We choose shot peening technology to achieve the purpose of cleaning, derusting and strengthening, because it is the most economical and reliable method in the world so far. Advantages of shot blast cleaning techniques:

  1. No bottom pit structure, easy to install and reduce investment costs.
  2. Compact structure, high production efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, and stable operation.

3.The hook has three functions: self-lifting, walking and indoor rotation.

4.Optimize the surface process state of workpieces

5.Reduce labor intensity of cleaning work;

6.Reduce environmental pollution.

7.Improve the anti-fatigue performance of  the mechnical product and metal construction;

This machine is suitable for cleaning or strengthening the surface of castings, forgings and rivets of many varieties, small and medium batches, especially for the cleaning or strengthening of the surfaces of thin, thin and thick parts. It can apply strong shot blasting to the original steel surface, remove its surface rust spots, welding slag and oxide scale, so as to obtain a uniform and shiny metal glossy surface to remove stress, improve the surface finish quality and anticorrosion of steel performance.

Using double hook design, one hook is at work, the other hook is used for loading and unloading workpieces outdoors, high productivity;

The hook is provided with forward and reverse rotation to ensure that the workpiece can be effectively cleaned, and the dead angle generated during the cleaning process is eliminated.

When cleaning large workpieces, hooks are needed to lift and change positions. Accomplish what humans can’t.

hanger shot blasting machine


Shot blasting to the casting with sand, emoving the shot blasting sand of molding sand and molding core

Shot blasting to the casting, forging, welding and heat-treated parts to remove the black skin, nodulation, oxide film, rust spots, etc.

Shot blasting to the steel plate and various H-shaped steel surface and other parts, after the shot blasting machine eliminates the stress of the workpiece, which is very good for the subsequent anti-corrosion process.

The spring, plate spring and gear bearing variable stress were strengthened, and the shot blasting was strengthened to eliminate stress and improve surface fatigue strength

the surface of decorative parts or tableware of household appliances is enhanced color by shot blasting.

hanger shot blasting machine5

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