The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

The roller conveyor pass through shot blasting machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly, deoxidizing, cleaning and pre-treating various steel materials, such as steel plates, steel materials, steel beams, section steels, steel pipes and steel castings, in a continuous way. The operation is simple, just load the steel material on the machine, press the start button, after a short self-circulation cycle, the system will automatically unload the processed material, that is, the entire cleaning process is completed, and all dust and residues are removed Pellets.

The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 2

QGMA has rich experience in designing all kinds of wheel blast & air blast machine, let us introduce the roller conveyor shot blasting machine to you.

The projectiles and rust dust falling on the steel through the roller conveyor shot blasting machine are blown by the blowing device, and the dropped shot dust mixture is conveyed to the chamber funnel by the recovery screw, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are collected in the lower part of the elevator and then lifted Go to the separator on the upper part of the machine, and the separated pure projectiles fall into the separator hopper for recycling use.

The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 3

Dust generated in shot blasting is sent to the dust collector by the exhaust pipe, and the purified air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected. Generally divided into roller type through type shot blasting machine and catenary through type shot blasting machine.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a conveying roller with adjustable speed to send steel structural parts or steel into the ejection area of ​​the cleaning machine room, and all surfaces of its body are hit and rubbed by strong rebound and dense projectiles from different coordinate directions. The oxide scale, embroidered layer and dirt on it will quickly fall off, and the steel surface will get a certain rough and smooth surface. The workpiece is loaded and unloaded on the inlet and outlet rollers on both sides of the blasting room.


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