In a branch of industry in which technical developments arise at a breakneck speed, you need a partner who thinks ahead and offers solutions with an innovative character. Regardless of whether you are finishing surfaces of important vehicle components such as transmission components, springs, axles, chains, clutches or bearings, sanding, coring and deflashing motor blocks or the particularly challenging finishing of high performance components in motors and transmission production: QGMA aligns all products and processes to the customer’s specific production line. At the same time, out efficient mass finishing and blasting processes guarantee you the highest degree of stability and reproducibility.

Common Workpiece

axle in Automotive
brake pad
shock absorber

Recommended Equipment

hanger type shot blasting machine 22
pass through shot blasting machine 1
rubber belt shot blasting machine 1
rotary table shot blasting machine 1
Wire Mesh belt shot blasting machine 1
Overhead rail shot blasting machine 12