The brief introduction of the hanger type shot blasting machine

Hanger type shot blasting machine is the common shot blasting machine using in many field industry. As we all know, shot blasting machine is usually applied in many applications such as de-scaling, de-sanding, rust removal, paint stripping and all fields of metal surface cleaning. Today, QGMA Machinery will make brief introduction of hanger type shot blasting machine for you.

The use of hanger type shot blasting machine

QGMA Machinery hanger shot blasting machine is designed to blast/peen small and medium castings, forgings, structural components, non-ferrous alloy parts. It is widely used in many industries, such as automotive, transportation, aviation, ship-building and etc.

Hanger shot blasting machine is compact in design, saving space and consists of units featuring single hook or double hooks, lifting or non-lifting models. Hanger type machine is the most flexible type, one batch of work pieces moves in, starts rotating, gets blasted and moves out. And the quantity of the hooks and blasting wheels and the size if the chamber both can be customized according to your work piece type/size/capacity.

Put the workpieces hanged single or in batch on the hanging tool and transport to the blasting chamber via I or Y type conveyor system. The workpieces rotating in a jet of abrasive flow and also have the efficient treatment to workpiece surface.

The brief introduction of the hanger type shot blasting machine 3

The advantages of hanger type shot blasting machine

  1. Durability:Shot blasting chamber is completely made of manganese steel plates with thickness between 6 and 10 mm, and the area exposed to the blasting wheel is protected by replaceable manganese steel plates, making the machine extremely and sturdy. The cleaning of indoor hot areas is protected by rolled Mn13 plates. Compared with the protection of epidemic rubber plates, its service life is greatly improved, and the appearance is beautiful, and it is easy to replace. It is a popular way of cleaning machine room protection today.
  2. Accurate blasting effect: Adopt to the simulated projectile drawings (including the model of shot blasting machine, number of the blast wheel and space layout of the shot blasting machine) and all drawings of the shot blasting machine are drawn by  computer-aided design (CAD). It can make the machine choice and layout of the is become more reasonable. The utilization rate of projectiles and labor productivity are improved, the cleaning effect is ensured, and the abrasion of the chamber body guard plate is reduced. To reduce the blasting blind angle, we set 3 different blasting points. The hook will stop at these points and rotate, this design ensures the work pieces are accurately blasted even some complex work piece.
  3. High shot blasting efficiency: If you choose double-hangers type, you can realize continuous shot blasting operation because you can put the work pieces on the hook when the other hook is in the blasting chamber.
  4. Use the no pit structure not only saves the construction cost and time of the pit foundation, but also solves the problem of rust and agglomeration of steel shot in the bucket elevator caused by the water in the pit.

Of course our machine also has other advantages, such as easy operation and maintenance, environment protection and so on, I will introduce next time.

If your company are seeking for this type of machine for metal surface cleaning, maybe I can be of your help.

The brief introduction of the hanger type shot blasting machine 1

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