The customized of crawler belt shot blasting machine

The crawler belt shot blasting machine is used to the high speed rotate impeller projected the steel shot to the work piece . It is suitable for the sand removal、rust removal、oxidation and surface strengthening of small castings、forgings、stamping parts、gears and other parts. It is especially suitable for the parts that are not afraid of collision. Our standard program of the crawler belt shot blasting machine is filling volumes ranging from 50 to 550 liters. The machine can be used not only a single machine, but also a part of line.

The  work principle:

1、Put the work pieces into the chamber and start the machine.

2、When the crawler belt move towards, the work pieces are rotating constantly. The steel shot projected to the rotating work pieces surface with a high speed so that can cleaned uniform completely.

3、The steel shot flows into the screw conveyor through the hole on the crawler belt, and then transported to the bucket elevator. And finally lifted to the separator.

4、The dust is sucked by the fan into the dust collector and the clean air is discharged to the atmosphere. The dust on the cartridge filter is pulsed back into the dust collection box.

5、The shot sand mixture is separated by separator ,the clean steel shot will recycle to use .

6、After the shot blasting is finished ,the door of chamber will open and the crawler belt reverses to unload the work pieces.

How to choice :

The choice of machine depends on the volume 、the batch weight、the shape of the work pieces to be blasted.  In order to meet your surface treatment needs ,we will develop customized shot blasting machine for you according to your work pieces.

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