The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material

The Importance of Shot Blasting Machine guard plate and Material

As we all know, the speed of the steel shot projected from the blast wheel are very fast. No matter where its hit, it will leave the mark. Using a period of time it will damage. So we need to make some protective measure to protect this area avoid to be damaged and extend the service life.

The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material 1

The area in shot blasting machine called blasting chamber. Blasting chamber is made of high manganese steel and use the building block type structure design. Because the blasting chamber will blast by the steel shot, so we use the sufficient strength and rigidity steel plate welded together as a whole to protect the blasting chamber. We usually use through 3D optimization and dynamic simulation design to determined the shape, size, installation position and direction of the blasting turbines, to make sure the cleaning effect and increase the machine working efficiency. The most important is that the guard plate of the blasting chamber adopt high wear-resistance manganese steel plate material. The fixing nuts of the inside plate are also use the high chromium material.

The high wear-resistance manganese guard plate can protect the blast chamber to avoid the hit of the high speed abrasive and can also extent the blasting chamber service life. After treated the manganese guard plate have high impact toughness. It can fully use the energy of the abrasive to continue hit the surface of the workpiece efficiency. It not only can improve the power consumption, but also can increase the quality of the blast processing.

The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material 2

The guard plate in blasting chamber use the building block type lap joint structure with durable nut cast construction. Usually on the two plate we put the third plate on the gap to avoid the abrasive projected into the gap. The blasting zone guard plate thickness up to 10mm and easy to replace. On the inlet and outlet we all use 3-6 layer rubber to prevent the abrasive through out.

QGMA Machinery 360° protected blasting chamber ensures a 10-year work time. If you have interested in our shot blasting machine, please contact us.

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