Truck scale shot blasting machine

Truck scale shot blasting machine

Truck scale shot blasting machine is a tunnel type shot blasting and anti-corrosion machine which can remove the dust and scale on the surface. Qinggong Machinery as a professional shot blasting machine manufacuturer will introduce some details about this kind of shot blasting machine.

  1. Introduction of the truck scale.

Truck scale is also called weighbridge. It used in many field such as the many logistics vehicles need to use the truck scale to test the weight. In many place such as chemical plants, vegetable wholesale markets, power plants, chemicals, logistics warehouses and so on are all can use the truck scale. Usually, the truck scale is adopt to the Q235 stainless steel. It is easy to rust. So it need to use the shot blasting machine to make the shot blasting and anti-corrosion treatment to increase the service life of the weighbridge.

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  1. Working principle of the truck scale shot blasting machine
  • Put the truck scale on the inlet roller conveyor, which can take the truck scale into the blasting chamber. The blast turbines projected the steel shot with a high-speed to the surface of the truck scale.
  • After cleaning the truck scale the roller conveyor will transport the truck scale to the outlet conveyor and then unloading the truck scale.
  • The used steel shot will into the recycle system. The recycle system consist with screw conveyor system, bucket elevator, separator. The cleaned steel shot will recycle to use. The dust will into the dust collector.
  1. The advantage of the truck scale shot blasting machine
  • Protect the environment. In traditional surface treatment process it will produce sewage disposal or air pollution. But the shot blasting machine use the dust collector to purify dust. Exhaust into the air meets national environmental protection standards.
  • High efficiency. In traditional labor it’s very hard to clean 100 ㎡ everyday, but the shot blasting machine can clean 1000~3000㎡
  • With great cleaning effect. In traditional labor remove rust the cleaning effect only can not reach Sa 2.0. But the shot blasting machine can reach more than Sa2.5 –Sa3.0.

For QGMA, selling equipment to customer is not our ultimate goal. Making customer satisfied with the machine and bring profits to customer is our pursuit.

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Truck scale shot blasting machine2

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