Tumble belt shot blasting machine to blast scaffold clamp

Connecting fasteners are one of the three commonly used specifications of construction fasteners. Can play the role of connecting two scaffolding together. That called scaffold clamp.

The scaffold clamps will have rust after used a period of time, some will have cement. If want to used again the scaffold clamps, it need to find a way to remove the rust and cement. The best way is use shot blasting machine.

tumble belt shot blasting machine 3

Tumble belt shot blasting machine is a good choice for small size workpiece, such as casting parts, forging parts and pressed parts… So we can use tumble belt shot blasting machine to blast scaffold clamps. Machines have a perpetual caterpillar made from perforated rubber belt. Scaffold clamps are put by a loading system to the caterpillar. When caterpillar moves its special shape causes scaffold clamps to turn and roll, which causes the whole surface of the scaffold clamps to be quality blasted in a jet of abrasive. For unloading workpiece, the caterpillar is started-up in the opposite direction turning mode.

tumble belt shot blasting machine 2

Usually, we have 200kg and 600kg capacity tumble belt shot blasting machine, but all kind of shot blasting machines are non-standard machine, that can according to your production capacity and requirements to design. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our machine.

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