What are the precautions for the wire mesh shot blasting machine

The wire mesh shot blasting machine is designed a new type special machine according to customers requirements. The machine is multi-function cleaning machine for dishes type, sheets type, castings, bodies type and mechanical parts. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the original steel and castings to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on it. So that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel. The wire mesh shot blasting machine is specially designed for the cleaning of automobile engine cylinder blocks. The engine cylinder head is a casting made of cast steel and the maximum size is specified in the technical data.

The wire mesh shot blasting machine use the mesh conveyor as the carrier of the workpiece. The mesh conveyor is divided into steel mesh and wear-resistant rubber belt. One side of the blasting chamber is the loading station, the other side is the unloading station. When the machine is working, put the workpiece on the loading station, the mesh conveyor slowly enter into the blasting chamber for shot blasting and then out from the unloading station. The feature of the wire mesh shot blasting machine is that continuous work, no collision, suitable for small and medium parts, large production batches. Generally suitable for parts with large quantities of surface cleaning or parts with only one surface cleaned.

What are the precautions for the wire mesh shot blasting machine 1

The shot blasting machine can only be operated when the machine at a perfect working condition. What matters should be paid attention to when operating the wire mesh shot blasting machine, let QGMA Machienry introduce some points to you.

  • The ground on which the machine is installed must be consistent with the rules in the installation and static load plan. The wire mesh shot blasting machine can only be operated by the professionally trained and authorized personnel.
  • The designated use also includes strict attention to the safety rules in the operating instructions and safety manuals, as well as compliance with maintenance and repair rules.
  • The specified use does not include all changes to the shot blasting machine that are not approved by the manufacturer.

What are the precautions for the wire mesh shot blasting machine 2

If the shot blasting machine is not operated in accordance with the requirements described, it will cause personal injury and equipment damage. The following operations should be strictly prohibited because they are inconsistent with the specified usage requirements:

  1. The undercut or oversize of the workpiece is inconsistent with the stipulation in the sales contract.
  2. Deal with workpieces that are inconsistent with the materials calibrated in the sales contract.
  3. Exceeding the technical value specifications required in the standard operation, as described in the technical data chapter.
  4. Shot peening of wet or hot workpieces.
  5. Shot peening the workpiece with flammable substances such as oil, solvent or paint.

If your company are seeking for this type of machine for metal surface cleaning maybe I can be of your help. If have any questions about the machine, please feel free to contact me.


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