What are the structure and maintenance of the steel pipe shot blasting machine

Steel pipe shot blasting machine mainly used motor to drive the high speed rotating impeller to projectile the steel shot onto the steel pipe surface. Use the centrifugal force and high speed of the steel shot to hit the surface of the steel pipe and make the oxide scale, rust and other impurities on surface of the steel pipe falling down rapidly. Because of the impact of the steel shot, which is not easy to return to rust, facilitates the coating of the steel pipe and enhances the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe.

Steel pipe shot blasting machine structure:

Steel pipe shot blasting machine mainly includes  blasting chamber, roller conveyor system, bucket elevator, separator, dust collector and electric control system. Below we mainly analyze the important structure of the blasting chamber, the roller conveyor system and the bucket elevator.

  1. Blasting chamber

The blasting chamber is made of steel and steel plate welding structure. The inner wall of the room is lined with wear-resistant protective plates. The shot blasting operation is carried out in a sealed cavity.

What are the structure and maintenance of the steel pipe shot blasting machine 2

2.Roller conveyor system

It is divided into indoor roller conveyor system and loading and unloading section roller conveyor system.

The indoor roller conveyor is wrapped with a high-chromium wear-resistant sheath and a limit ring. The high chromium wear-resistant jacket is used to protect the roller conveyor and withstand the impact of steel shot. The limit ring can make the workpiece run at a predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.

3.Bucket elevator

Mainly composed of upper and bottom parts, pulleys, belt, hoppers, etc.

The upper and lower belt pulleys of the same diameter of the bucket elevator are welded into a polygonal structure with ribs, wheel plates and hubs to enhance friction, avoid slipping, and extend the service life of the belt.

The bucket elevator casing is bent into shape and the cover on the middle casing of the bucket elevator is opened to repair and replace the hopper and the overlap belt. Open the cover on the lower shell of the elevator to eliminate the blockage of the bottom steel shot.

Adjust the bolts on both sides of the upper shell of the bucket elevator to drive the pull plate to move up and down to maintain the tightness of the hoist belt.

The upper and lower pulleys adopt square outer spherical ball bearings, which can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact, and have good sealing performance.

What are the structure and maintenance of the steel pipe shot blasting machine 1

Steel pipe shot blasting machine maintenance:

  1. Appearance maintenance: The surface of the shot blasting machine, the motor and the surface of the heat dissipation equipment must be kept clean and the polishing consumable powder must be cleaned regularly. Check and tighten the handles, feed handwheels, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the machine tool in good condition.
  2. Inspection of the whole shot blasting machine: check the screws, belts, and tightness of each part of the shot blasting machine. The loose ones should be adjusted until they are suitable. Check the degree of wear of each bearing, if it is damaged replace it and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.
  3. Electrical appliances: clean the motor and electrical box regularly. The electrical installations are fixed and tidy and reliable in action. Check and tighten the zero connection device. Check the button switch. If there is a problem, replace it immediately to avoid unnecessary danger.

The steel pipe shot blasting machine rust remover has three functions of rust removal, rough polishing and fine polishing. It has high efficiency and completes the three steps in one pass. It can reach a very high efficiency of 12-16 meters per minute. The labor intensity is low. Only two people can complete the work easily. It not only have high working efficiency, but also can save more cost.


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