What cause the blade of the shot blasting machine damage and what is the measures?

QGMA Machinery is a professional shot blasting machine manufacturer of serving customers from 50+ different countries. The blast wheel is the core of the shot blasting machine and the core of blast wheel is the blade. QGMA Machinery made the blades are precision-cast and heat-treated, which greatly extends the service life. The material of the blades is high chrome wear resistant cast iron. It not only can increase the abrasive projectile speed, but also can increase the cleaning efficiency. What will cause the blade of shot blasting machine damage and what is the measure to solve this. Let QGMA Machinery introduce.

What cause the blade of the shot blasting machine damage?

As we all known, the shot blasting machine uses a motor-driven the impeller of the blast wheel to generate centrifugal force and wind during high-speed rotation. The shot blasting volume reaches 200Kg/min when the abrasive entered into the high-speed rotating distributor. Under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile is thrown from the distributor into the control cage.  And then thrown through the control cage (controlled the direction of the abrasive), picked up by the high-speed rotating blade, and continuously accelerated along the length of the blade, throwing out the projectiles to form a certain fan-shaped stream. With 120m/s speed thrown onto the road surface and the surface of the steel plate, and its depth can reach 1-5mm according to the type of abrasive. The convexity and concave are uniform and the impact working plane plays a cleaning and strengthening role.

What cause the blade of the shot blasting machine damage and what is the measures2

When replace the damage blade of shot blasting machine?

The blade of the shot blasting machine is constantly impacted by most of the abrasive thrown out, so the blade is the most vulnerable part of the shot blasting machine. Blade wear or cracking will cause the impeller to vibrate during high-speed rotation. It is found that the blade has deep grooves or more than half of the blade wear should be replaced in time. In addition, the casting defects of the blades will inevitably accelerate the wear of the blades. Because the blades with casting defects will cause the projectiles to bounce during the movement, the bounced projectiles will in turn wash the blades and increase the wear of the blades. In order to ensure the stability of the shot blasting machine, the blades must be replaced in pairs to stop, that is, the blades opposite to the unsuitable blades must be replaced at the same time to achieve a good dynamic balance. If the blade problem of the shot blasting machine causes the blasting head to work abnormally, all blades should be replaced. The blades with casting defects must not be used. When installing the blades, the weight difference of 8 blades in a group shall not exceed 5 grams.

What cause the blade of the shot blasting machine damage and what is the measures1

What the measures to replace the blade of the shot blasting machine?

Open the top guard plate of the blast wheel, take out the fixed guard plate, and take out the blades one by one.


After using the shot blasting machine, the blade has been fastened to the impeller, and the end of the blade can be tapped lightly, and the blade can be quickly removed by one vibration.

The blades of the shot blasting machine are generally cast with high chromium materials. Do you want to process the blades from plates? If you have to do it, it is recommended to use high manganese steel.

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