What is sandblasting room

What is sandblasting room?

Sandblasting room is called sandblasting booth, it is suitable for cleaning the surface of medium and large components, non-regularly and batch processing workpieces to clean oxide scale and rust, which also can increase the adhension between workpiece and coating. Sandblasting room is designed according to customers productions requirements. The machine is used for metal surface of large area rust removal in shipbuilding, aircraft, automobile, bridge and chemical industries.

Composition of sandblasting room

Sandblasting room is mainly composed with sandblasting chamber, separator, bucket elevator, recovery system, collection silo, sandblasting system, dust collector, electrical control system,etc.

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Working principle of sandblasting room

Before sandblasting room operation, operator need to move the workpiece into the blasting room , turn on the electric and air compressor device, open the light, wear protective clothes, close the door and turn on the sandblasting gun switch to cleaning the parts. The projected steel shot will fall to the bottom of sandblasting chamber and the steel shot will through the screw conveyor to the bucket elevator to recycle the steel shot. Multi level air wash separator will separate the steel shots, broken steel shots and dust. The qualified steel shots will into the storage silo to recycle to use, which is on the above of sandblasting machine. The broken steel shot sand dust will sucked away by dust collector directly. The dust will adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge. The pulse valve of the dust collector will send the pulse signal to release the compressed air stored in the air bag and instantly form an expanding airflow to act on the inside of the filter cartridge. The dust attached on the surface of the filter cartridge will be shaken off and dropped into the dust collector hopper for cleaning regularly. The dust collect efficiency can reach to 99.5% and the fan of the dust collector is the sealing structure can reduce noise effectively.

Reclaim system of sandblasting room

  1. Manual reclaim system: this reclaim system is the most economic and practical way. Simple production and materials, it will greatly reduce the cost of the sandblasting room.
  2. Semin-automatic reclaim system: including screw or scraper reclaim, L type reclaim, H type reclaim and U type reclaim. This type need the operator pushed the steel shots to the screw or scraper conveyor manually and then the screw or scraper will transport the steel shots to bucket elevator to recycle to use, which improve the working efficiency. It is suitable for medium and large production project.
  3. Fully automatic reclaim system: uses a low-power motor to complete the high-efficiency automatic recycling of large-area floor abrasives, which greatly reduces power consumption and reduces use costs. When the abrasives are recycled, only the high wear-resistant polyurethane blades are in contact with the abrasives, but not with any other parts. Any friction occurs, and it is recycled slowly and evenly, thus completely eliminating the secondary crushing loss of the abrasive during floor recycling, and reducing the wear of the floor structure to close to zero, thereby saving abrasives and greatly extending the service life of the floor, greatly reducing The cost. Long service life and easy maintenance: The design and material selection of high wear-resistant polyurethane blades ensure the long service life of the scraper system, and the polyurethane blades can be easily replaced by opening the floor grid plate. The maintenance is simple, rapid and convenient. Save man-hours, low-power motors in the blasting room ensure low-noise operation

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Sandblasting room process design

The sandblasting room body is the working place of the blasting room. The blasting room body uses a 20mm square tube as the basic frame, and uses a 25*40 square tube for internal support. QGMA adopt each sandwich panel (2 meters) have a strong frame which made from square tube. Which ensure they will not deformation during transportation and installation. the grinding and painted square tube will be far enough to resistant the corrosion by natural environment. The blast room wall are fabrication by sandwich panel with noise attenuation interlayer, which total thickness is 50mm. Convenient installation, anti-corrosion and durability; the color steel plate sandwich layer is rock wool. Compared with the conventional sandblasting room made of pure steel plate, the sandblasting room uses sandwich color steel plate as the sandblasting room body, which can produce The high-frequency sharp noise of 1500HZ—2000HZ is reduced to below 500HZ, which greatly improves the noise environment. Because the sandblasting chamber is made of sandwich color steel plate and the sandwich material is rock wool, it not only has a good heat insulation function, It also has fire prevention effect, good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. The sandblasting room itself has a rainproof and ventilated structure. There is no need to build another factory building, which greatly reduces the cost of infrastructure. The color steel plate structure is adopted. The sandblasting room can be used once Forming, no surface treatment is required. QGMA sand blasting room The conveying system in the sand blasting room has a simple and reliable structure, strong overload capacity, and is not easy to be blocked. The room body is made of steel structure skeleton, and the wall is made of color steel sandwich panels, which is light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance; Lined with white wear-resistant rubber sheet for protection, long life, good lighting environment, and can increase the indoor illumination according to user needs. The key components of the mechanical conveying method in the blasting room are easy to maintain, and the replacement cycle is long, which improves production efficiency.

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Advantages of sandblasting room

The sandblasting room can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s product characteristics and sandblasting requirements. There is no need to design and manufacture complex foundations, which saves foundation construction costs and greatly saves engineering costs. There is no need for a large amount of abrasives to be stocked in the recycling spiral. The abrasive recovery rate The main electrical components are imported products, which have the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, long service life, simple maintenance, etc.; the sandblasting room has high-definition visibility inside the chamber, and the room body is naturally filled with air, which saves energy Consumption; the sandblasting room adopts two-stage dust removal, the first stage adopts a cyclone separator, and the second stage adopts a filter-type dust removal system. The total dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.99%; on the upper part of the front roof of the sandblasting room, there is a sound “Light alarm system” is equipped with an emergency stop call button in the sandblasting room; the electrical control of each system adopts interlocking control. When one of the systems fails, the related systems stop working and the spray gun stops spraying; the sandblasting room adopts Architectural decoration design, simple appearance, beautiful, standardized, good noise reduction effect, and convenient installation.

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