Hook type shot blasting machine to clean the agricultural machinery

What is Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine?

Last week QGMA GROUP has delivered a set of hanger type shot blasting machine to Spain. The customer used the machine to clean the used wheels.

The hanger type shot blasting machine mainly used in the casting industry, construction industry, and other industries. It is suitable for cleaning large, medium, and small workpieces, removing sand cores and oxide skins on the workpieces and using shot blasting technology to achieve the purpose of rust removal and strengthening. Shot blasting machine to clean the workpiece surface is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and reliable method nowadays.

The hanger type shot blasting machine characteristic

Application scope of hanger type shot blasting machine

Surface cleaning, finishing, and strengthening of aluminum alloy die castings, zinc alloy dies castings, copper castings, stainless steel precision castings, iron castings, motorcycle frames, and steel products. The hanger type shot blasting machine is the same as the overhead rail shot blasting machine. The workpiece is cleaned in the suspended and rotating state, and the throwing area is large and the cleaning effect is good. When cleaning large and complex parts, it does not need to turn over, which simplifies the operation. This allows the job requirements in large workshops to be met.

The features of hanger type shot blasting machine

This machine have two type :single hook and double hook hanging form. Single hook just as the name means it has a hoist . Double hook have two hoist and it inside one by one .It can increase the work efficiency. When one hoist hang the workpiece indoor, the external hook can manually remove the cleaned workpiece and hang the workpiece to be cleaned.The hooks that have been installed with external workpieces enter the blasting chamber along the track, which optimizes the time and cycle, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. The structure is compact, the cleaning quality is good, the work is safe and reliable, and the operation is stable.

The specific operation process of the hanger type shot blasting machine

The workpiece to be shot blasted can be directly hung on the hooks, and operate the control system brought to the traction system at the front of the shot blasting chamber, and then the hooks with the workpiece automatically enter the shot blasting chamber. After the hook enters the shot blasting chamber,  the door of the shot blasting chamber will be closed pneumatically and electrically interlocked to prevent others from accidentally opening the door of the shot blasting room when the workpiece is being shot in the shot blasting room. The hook enters the shot blasting chamber to reciprocate and rotate back and forth at the set interval position so that the workpiece is fully ejected and the dead angle of ejection is reduced. Two hooks and one hook are projected in the shot blasting chamber, and the other hook can load and unload the workpiece. The shot blasting time can be adjusted according to the workpiece. After the shot blasting machine stops running, the door of the shot blasting chamber is opened to bring in and out the workpiece. The dust generated in the shot blasting process is filtered and discharged by the secondary dust collector.

Advantage of hanger type shot blasting machine

1. No bottom pit structure, easy to install and reduce investment costs.

2. Compact structure, high production efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, and stable operation.

3. The hook has three functions: self-lifting, walking and indoor rotation.

4. Optimize the surface process state of workpieces

5. Reduce labor intensity of cleaning work

6. Reduce environmental pollution.

7. Improve the anti-fatigue performance of  the mechnical product and metal construction

The hanger type shot blasting machine can highly improve the working efficiency. The machine can complete more complex works, it not only can save working time but also can achieve the company working goals. There is a development trend for large-scale equipment that is more and more convenient to operate. After the operation of shot blasting machine becomes more convenient, enterprises do not need to hire more educated employees when using the equipment, thus reducing the enterprise employment costs.

The cleaning room is protected by high chromium plates, which greatly improves the service life, beautiful appearance, and easy replacement.

Hook type shot blasting machine to clean the agricultural machinery 2

When using the hook shot blasting machine, operators should also pay attention to some matters. The power used should not exceed the power of the shot blasting machine. It is also necessary to design a more suitable hanging tool according to the size and shape of the workpiece. Only in this way can it be fully give full play to the function of the shot blasting machine and at the same time reduce the impact and wear of the workpiece on the shot blasting machine. Once abnormal noise is found during use, the machine should be shut down immediately to check whether the shot blasting machine has malfunctions. Once found, people should repair or replace it in time.

Operation Precautions

  1. The hook type shot blasting machine must be operated when the hanging rail is connected smoothly.
  2. Adjusting the time relay must ensure that the power supply is off.
  3. The performance of the hook type shot blasting machine must be kept in mind, and the operator must be a professional, non-professionals are not allowed to use the equipment by themselves.
  4. Professionals must carefully check all parts of the equipment before starting work to make sure that each part is in the correct position, and we must do a good job of refueling and lubricating each lubrication point.
  5. Before the hook type shot blasting machine is turned on, the shot supply system cannot be turned on.
  6. When the machine is working, we should keep a certain distance from the front and two sides of the machine to avoid the situation that the iron pellets of the hook type shot blasting machine fly out and hurt people.
  7. The staff must clean the case of the hook shot blasting machine and the surrounding area when they leave work every day, and remember to turn off the power and lock the electric control cabinet before leaving.
  8. Every weekend, the dust in the dust collector should be cleaned to keep the dust collector clean.

If you also need this kind of machine or you do not know how to choose the suitable shot blasting machine, please feel free to contact me. Our engineering team will give you the most suitable solution with competitive price.

Hook shot blasting machine for cleaning wheels customized for South African customers 2

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