What is the difference between cartridge filter and bag filter 1

What is the difference between cartridge filter and bag filter?

The difference between filter material and principle

  1. The hard filter material of the filter cartridge or filter bag is folded and arranged to form a cylinder, without skeleton, short, large spacing between the cylinders, thorough dust removal, and no secondary pollution.
  2. The cloth bag is sewn into a filter bag with a soft filter material, which is set on a skeleton welded by steel bars (commonly known as a dragon skeleton). The filter bag is densely clothed. The type of filter material is long polyester fiber and the post-processing material is mostly single layer. Ordinary industrial polyester cloth.
  3. The principle of filtration. The principle of surface filtration: the principle of deep filtration of the filter cartridge dust collector without going deep into the filter material. The dust of the bag filter goes deep into the filter material, and the dust layer is established on the outer surface of the filter material to maintain the dust removal efficiency.

What is the difference between cartridge filter and bag filter 2

Respective advantages and disadvantages 

  1. The advantages of cartridge type dust collector:

Three new: new filter material (waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and anticorrosive), new structure (hard filter material folding arrangement, no steel frame, no filter material wear phenomenon), new theory (surface filter instead of deep filter dust, no more penetration and filtration Inside)

1) The dust removal efficiency of the surface filter of the cartridge type dust collector is much higher than that of the old type dust collector, which greatly reduces the emission of harmful substances. The air purification index has reached the world advanced level, and completely changed the backwardness of the old type dust collector. status.

2) The cartridge type dust collector has no filter material wear and tear, and there are no moving parts on its body. It can be used for a long time without maintenance (even if the filter cartridge is removed and replaced), it avoids the trouble of constantly changing the filter material of the old type dust collector. Save money, time, effort and no secondary pollution.

3) The volume and weight of the cartridge type dust collector are far smaller than the old type dust collectors of the same specification, which saves civil construction space and civil construction load and saves significant capital construction investment.

4) The cartridge filter has low resistance, low consumption of compressed air and no maintenance workload. Compared with all kinds of old-style dust collectors, it saves energy and saves more than 30% of capital. No enterprise can ignore the significant economic benefits that this energy-saving effect brings to the enterprise.

What is the difference between cartridge filter and bag filter 3

  1. Advantages of bag filter:

 1) It has the characteristics of simple operation, continuous dust removal, stable resistance, high filtration speed, no internal moving parts, and simple design. It is a high-efficiency bag filter.

2) The dust removal efficiency is high, and it can collect dust above 0.1UM, so that the dust-containing gas can be purified to 15mg/m3 or less.

3) Less ancillary equipment, less investment, and lower technical requirements than electric precipitators.

4) It can collect dust that is difficult to recover by electrostatic precipitator, and to a certain extent can collect nitrate, sulfide and other compounds.

5) Good adaptability to load changes, especially suitable for capturing fine and dry dust, and the collected dry dust is easy to process and recycle.

6) The bag filter is safer when collecting explosion hazard or dusty gas with sparks.

  1. Disadvantages of bag filter:

 1) For different types of gases, the corresponding types of cloth bags should be selected, and the cloth bags need to be replaced frequently, which consumes a lot of money.

2) When collecting dusty gas with high humidity, moisturizing measures should be taken to avoid “bagging” due to condensation. Therefore, the bag filter has certain requirements for the humidity of the gas.

3) The resistance is large, and the general pressure loss is 1000-1500PA.

4) For high temperature gas, cooling measures must be adopted.

5) When receiving dusty gas with a large particle diameter, the cloth bag is easier to wear

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