What is the important things that for the operators to operate the shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is an essential element of the surface cleaning process, so it is important that the machine operator knows the basic principle of operation and all the factors that affect its operation. When purchasing a QGMA machinery shot blasting machine, each customer receives instructions for operating the machine and a service book, which describes in detail the service program. Often, daily, weekly, or monthly checking of the operation of individual components of the machine represents unnecessary work, but in the long run, this can also mean 20 to 30% higher savings.

What is the important thing for the operators when they operate the shot blasting machine? Let QGMA machinery introduce to you the three key parts of a blasting machine that we need to pay the most attention to are the following:

  1. Blasting wheel
  2. Cleaning system
  3. Ventilation

Blasting wheel

Blasting wheels are the most important part of a blasting machine, which is the core of the shot blasting machine. So they need special attention. For optimal operation of the shot blasting machine, it is important that the correct amperage and right angles are set, as this is the only way to achieve maximum blasting efficiency. If these settings are not arranged, the desired quality of shot blasting is not achieved, and the cycle is extended.

The blasting wheel is composed of an impeller, control cage, distributor, blades, and some guard plates. After use, a period of time, need to replace these parts regularly.

What is the important things that for the operators to operate the shot blasting machine 2

Cleaning system

Another important part of any shot blasting machine is the proper operation of the cleaning system. The basic task of the cleaner is to remove impurities that get into the blasting media. It is necessary to control the operation of the cleaner and if necessary, clean the impurities. Efficient removal of used blasting media and dust significantly reduces wear on blasting wheel parts and the machine, increases blasting efficiency, shortens blasting time, and enables energy savings.

The cleaning system including a nylon brush, blowing fan, and screw conveyor. These parts will design according to the workpiece size.

What is the important things that for the operators to operate the shot blasting machine 1


The main purpose of the dust collectors is to clean the air that is sucked out of the machine. It works on the principle of dry cleaning dirty air with polyester or cellulose inserts. It performs its functions automatically and requires very little maintenance. However, some attention needs to be paid, as this ensures a long service life and operation without unnecessary downtime. If the ventilation does not work properly, dust accumulates on the workpieces, which reduces the quality of the finished products. QGMA adopt the pulse jet to clean the dust on the filter cartridge. The cleaning efficiency can be up to 99%.

If you think this is too much of a challenge for you and you need help, let us know. We will be happy to help you make your shot blasting machine work perfectly.

QGMA machinery is a professional shot blasting machine and sandblasting room manufacturer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Our engineering team will give you the most professional and cost-effective solutions.

What is the important things that for the operators to operate the shot blasting machine 3

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