What is the principle and application of shot blasting machine

The principle of shot blasting machine is to use the motor to drive the impeller body to rotate. By the action of centrifugal force the steel shot with a diameter of 0.2-3.0 mm is thrown to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece reaches a certain rough. It not only can change the welding tensile stress of the workpiece to compressive stress but also can improve the service of the workpiece.

What is the principle and application of shot blasting machine2

In fact, the high speed rotating impeller is used to throw small steel shot to the surface of the part at high speed so that the oxide layer on the surface of the part can be removed. At the same time, it also can increase the surface hardness. It is a method for cleaning the surface of the part. The shot blasting machine is often used to clean the surface of the casting or the strengthen the surface of the part.

Shot blasting machine are used in almost all areas of machinery, repairing ships, auto parts, aircraft parts, gun tank surface, bridges, steel structures, steel plates, pipes and so on. For example, in the repair and shipbuilding industry shot blasting machine is mostly used in steel plate pretreatment the role is to remove the painting and rust on the surface of workpieces. Generally, shot blasting machine is used for regular shapes. Several blasting turbines are placed up and down together with high efficiency and low pollution. Shot blasting machine also can strengthen the workpiece surface.

What is the principle and application of shot blasting machine1

The scope of technology has also been expanded from surface cleaning of casting and forging to strengthening of metal structures and surface processing. After decades of continuous development shot blasting machine from traditional fixed to the present mobile development from horizontal to vertical movement. It extends to every industry and brings great convenience to various industries.

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