what is the shot blasting machine

What is the shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is a machine that helps us erase the unwanted part of a metal or wood or stone. In other words, the shot blasting machine is used to remove the rust, burrs, diaphragms that may affect the integrity or appearance of an object’s part. The machine can also target a partially coated surface to remove surface contaminants and provide a surface profile that increases the coating’s adhesion to the surface for the purpose of shot blasting the workpiece. A shot blasting machine differs from a wheel blasting machine in that it is used to reduce the fatigue life of a part by increasing different surface stresses, increasing the strength of a part, as well as preventing micromotion.  Also, the shot blasting machines are primarily used to treat the surface of steel products in large quantities during the steel production process. The use of a shot blasting machine can effectively remove burrs on the surface of steel products, as well as some large-scale rust, in the use of a shot blasting machine. Since the technology is advanced, it is very important to study the machines well before operating them because it can damage the surface of steel products, the appearance and all these will affect the product image. For steel production, a shot blasting machine is an important piece of equipment, and the use of a shot blasting machine for steel sand as well as steel shot surface treatment is also an essential process. Another definition, is the removal of steel sand, steel shot surface stains, rust, and a necessary procedure to check the integrity of the product surface. The role of the shot blasting machine:

Firstly, the shot blasting machine replaces the use of the ordinary cold, hot forming process, the large thin-walled aluminum parts molding process, not only to avoid the parts surface residual tensile stress but also to obtain the parts of the compressive stress is beneficial.

Secondly, the shot blasting machine also helps the surface of the part to produce compressive stress and can improve the fatigue of the part and the ability to resist tensile stress corrosion.

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Last but not least, the shot blasting machine can Correct the distorted thin-walled parts. The shot blasting machine will throw high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning or strengthening the surface, generally speaking, this equipment can do at the same time in addition to the core, cleaning and sand treatment exactly like sandblasting machine. Hook-type blast machine is divided into single hook and double hook. The shot blast machine is used to throw 0.2 to 0.8 pellets to the surface of the workpiece, making the surface of the workpiece from roughness to smoothness and beauty, or changing the compressive stress of the workpiece to improve the life of the workpiece. For the castings, shot blasting is the necessary process to discover the existence of the surface of the skin, the skin of the pores, and other defects, through the shot blasting can ensure that the casting has a high quality.

In brief, the shot blasting machine is divided into categories of basting machines like: roller conveyor, sandblasting room, hanger, wire mesh belt, paver blocks, rotary table, steel plate, and steel structure shot blasting machine.

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