What is the structure of the shot blasting machine

What is the structure of the shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is composed of the shot blasting part and the electric control part. The shot blasting part including a loading and unloading conveyor system, blasting chamber, and others, the blasting chamber has blasting turbines; the electric control part mainly has various operation electrical components and some protective devices. Details are as follows:

Shot blasting system

  1. A set of shot blasting machine must need to have a loading and unloading system. No matter what kind of machine all need to equipped with the loading and unloading system. They mainly used to transport the workpiece into the blasting chamber. The machine also needs to have a recycling system to transport the steel shot to the blasting turbines.
  2. Most of the shot blasting machines put the blasting chamber as the main part of the machine. Usually, the blasting chamber includes blasting turbines, a blasting chamber, a sealing curtain, a guard plate, and other parts. According to the size of the blasting chamber and workpiece, it will be equipped with several blasting turbines to guarantee all the angles of the workpiece can be cleaned. The blasting chamber is will have three-layer rubber curtains to prevent the steel shot splash outside.
  3. Considered to save the operation cost and protection the environment, we will design a steel shot reclaim system. The system including a screw conveyor system, bucket elevator, and separator. The steel shot will through the screw conveyor system into the bucket elevator and then lift the steel shot and impurities to the top of the bucket elevator, through the screw to the separator. The steel shot and impurities will separate in the separator. The cleaned steel shot will storage in the hopper to reuse.

What is the structure of the shot blasting machine 1

Electric control system

  1. A shot blasting machine generally uses a circuit breaker to protect the motor from short-circuits, and a thermal relay device to protect the motor from overload.
  2. For the system of reclaim system, it is necessary to configure a detection switch to detect the operation of the system at any time to prevent blockage. If there is a blockage or trip, a PLC device is also required to give an alarm.
  3. The access door of the blasting chamber needs to be equipped with a stroke switch to facilitate safe maintenance operations. A stroke switch should also be installed on the end cover of each blasting turbine.
  4. Switches should be installed at the high and low limit positions of the lifting motor to ensure that the lifting stops automatically, and a level gauge should be installed on the bin of the separator to realize the control operation.
  5. It is necessary to ensure that the blasting turbines and their cover plate, and the inspection door have an interlocking response. When the cover plate is opened, the blasting turbines cannot be started.
  6. The blasting turbines should also have an interlocking response with the shot supply gate. When the blasting turbines are not running, the shot supply gate will not work.

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What is the structure of the shot blasting machine 2

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