What is tumble belt shot blasting machine?

The tumble belt shot blasting machine is the most flexible and the most economical equipment. The machine not only has a small land area but also can operate easily. The machine blasting chamber is composed of the high Chrome wear-resistant casting iron and natural rubber belt, which has high impact toughness and high service life, fully realize the reflection function of abrasive and improve the cleaning quality. And with high tensile strength, not easy to deform. On the back of the rubber belt, we have a guide bar to prevent the rubber belt slip on the roller. The engineering team uses a 3-D dynamic simulation design blast turbine layout to ensure that the steel shot ray can cover the surface of the workpiece 360 degrees.

The tumble belt shot blasting machine is a kind of machinery used in the field of deep processing of workpieces. Although the machine structure very simple, it is extremely important in the industrial position. The cleaning effect is very well because its operating principle is simply the use of mutual effect to achieve the purpose of surface treatment of the workpiece.

Operation steps of tumble belt shot blasting machine

  1. The operator of the tumble belt shot blasting machine must have a full understanding of the working principle, operation method and lubrication of the tumble belt shot blasting machine.
  2. Pour the abrasive of the shot blasting machine into the machine, then put the workpieces to be cleaned and close the feeding door. Make preparations for work.
  3. Turn on the dust collector, the motor works for a certain period of time, and the fan starts to work.
  4. Turn on the bucket elevator, the belt forward rotation, the blasting wheel and the abrasive dosing device in turn to start cleaning. After the blasting wheel is completely stopped, open the feeding door and press the belt reverse button to automatically discharge the material.
  5. After all the work is completed, the dust collector should be closed in time.
  6. In the ventilation and dust removal system, two butterfly valves are installed. Adjust the two butterfly valves according to the situation to obtain a good separation effect.

Advantage of rubber belt shot blasting machine

  1. The machine adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blaster, with long service life and simple structure.
  2. Adopt BE type full-curtain air separation pill sand separator, which has good separation effect and high productivity, and has a positive effect on improving the life of the blade.
  3. The use of wear-resistant rubber tracks reduces the collision damage of the workpiece and reduces the noise of the machine.
  4. A pulse dust collector is adopted. The dust can be collected in the dust hopper or removed outdoors through the dust collector, which can improve the worker’s working environment.

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Installation steps of tumble belt shot blasting machine

  1. Check

Check the appearance of the blast turbine to see if it is intact.

Check and inspect the instruction manual and factory certificate of the shot blasting machine.

Check whether the parts of the shot blasting machine are complete and whether there are traces of damage to each part. At the same time, check the shot blasting abrasives used by the equipment.

  1. Compare

Before installed the shot blasting machine, the drawings need to be compared. The geometric limit deviation, levelness and plumbness tolerance of the equipment must meet the requirements of the construction acceptance specification.

Before installing the crawler shot blasting machine, it is necessary to transfer the equipment foundation, embedded parts and compare the coordinate position, elevation, and external dimensions.

  1. Acceptance

Look at the embedded bolts, check and accept whether the height, specification, thread, length of the embedded bolts, the cleanliness of the surface, and the position of its root center meet the standards.

The nuts and threads of the anchor bolts embedded during the installation of the equipment need to be checked and accepted for protection.

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Daily protection of the tumble belt shot blasting machine

The tumble belt shot blasting machine needs to be maintained after the work is completed every day.

The most important thing is to apply lubricating oil to the tumble belt shot blasting machine. During the operation of the tumble belt shot blasting machine, the relative effect is very large, so a lot of friction will occur inside the machine. If you don’t apply lubricating oil to the machine, it will wear out the inside of the machine, and naturally, the service life will be short. Especially in some important parts of machinery, such as shot blasting machine is one of them.

The shot blasting machine generates a lot of heat during the operation, then such heat energy will make the external lubricating oil become very viscous, and eventually volatilize quickly. Therefore, new lubricating oil must be applied to the exterior every day to ensure the normal use of this machine.

From this component, we can see how important the daily protection of the tumble belt shot blasting machine is to the normal use of the machine. The tumble belt shot blasting machine must not only be protected daily but the rose and year must be overhauled to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Tumble belt shot blasting machine with loading and unloading system

Most of supplier choose the automatic loading and unloading crawler shot blasting machine it not only can increase the working efficiency but also can reduce the labor. The machine also have many advantages, such as:

  1. The high chromium wear resistant protective plate is used in both side of the blasting chamber to increase the service life of the chamber.
  2. The blasting wheel adopts the KT series new design the max thickness of liners is up to 70 mm, which can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.
  3. The arrangement of the indoor and blasting wheel is determined by three dimensional dynamic so that the thrown projectile outflow coverage area accurately covered the surface of the workpiece and the steel shot are simultaneously thrown from the workpiece in all directions to the surface of the workpiece.
  4. The full curtain separator is used to effectively separate the pellets and improve the productivity.
  5. The dust collector adopts the filter cartridge the dust removal efficiency is over 99.5%. The material of the filter cartridge adopts Donaldson technologies and the dust collector have the pulse-jet function, which can effectively to extend the service life of the filter cartridge.
  6. The whole machine is fully automatic. It not only reduce the labor intensity of wokers but also improve production efficiency.
  7. The blasting chamber is equipped with an access door, which is convenient for workers to check and use.

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If you have any questions about the shot blasting machine, please no hesitate to contact us. We will give you the most professional and cost-effective solutions.

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