What material is used for shot blasting

The shot blasting machine needs metal abrasives to work together in the shot blasting work, both are essential. The most commonly used materials on metal surfaces are abrasives. They are sharp and hard materials used to grind softer surfaces. They are mechanical surface metal treatment materials. Abrasives can be divided into metal abrasives and non-metal abrasives. According to the production method, it is divided into natural abrasive and artificial abrasive. According to the hardness, there are two categories: super-hard abrasive and ordinary abrasive.

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What are the common metal abrasive?

Metal abrasives include steel shot, steel grit, iron shot, iron sand, stainless steel shot, stainless steel sand, steel wire cut shot and stainless steel wire cut shot, etc. They have a wide range of application value. The cleaning site of metal abrasives has low dust pollution, high visibility, and cleaning quality. It is easy to be guaranteed, and the work efficiency is high. It is widely used in the mechanical surface casting industry.

The scope of application of metal abrasives for shot blasting machine.

  1. Shipbuilding industry: chain anchor chains, chain bolts, valves, engine connecting rods, etc.;
  1. Construction industry: packaging for subway high-strength protective railings;
  1. Petroleum industry: crankshafts, sucker rods, mine drilling rigs, etc.;
  1. Aviation industry: aviation blades, axles, landing gear, etc.;
  1. National defense industry: forwards, camshafts, compressor blades, etc.;
  1. Machine tool industry: milling cutters, punching tools, etc.;
  1. Automobile industry: train wheels, stabilizers, springs, crankshafts, gears, leaf springs, etc.;

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How to choose the suitable abrasive for shot blasting machine?

How to choose the suitable abrasive for shot blasting machine? How to buy high-quality and low-cost abrasives? In fact, each type of shot blasting machine equipment requires different types of abrasives. If the final type of abrasive needs to be determined, it also depends on what kind of workpiece the shot blasting machine is blasting and the desired shot blasting effect. The size of the workpiece is different, and the abrasive used is also different, so the specific type of abrasive used depends on the situation.

  1. The larger the abrasive diameter, the higher the surface roughness of the workpiece, but the shot blasting efficiency is also high; the abrasive diameter should be selected according to the surface roughness of the part. The shot blasting efficiency of other irregularly shaped steel shots or cut wire shots is higher than that of spherical shots, but the surface roughness is also higher.
  1. Choose the abrasive with moderate hardness to achieve good application effect. Suitable abrasive hardness and excellent resilience, so that the abrasive can be projected to every part of the shot blasting machine chamber, and then reduce the blasting time.
  1. If the abrasive hardness is too low, it will be easily deformed and broken during the shot blasting process, and then consume energy, which will affect the shot blasting effect; if the hardness is too high, it will be brittle and fragile, forming a consolidated sharp fragment, and the blade will wear quickly. High energy consumption also affects the shot blasting effect

The effect of the shot blasting machine is related to the quality of blast wheel and the metal abrasives you choose. The above is simple introduction to the abrasive of shot blasting machine. If you have any questions please visit our official website or email to us for more information.

what materila is used for shot blasting machine

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