blast wheel

Wheel parts and hot spots

Wheel Elements:

blast wheel

Hot Spot:

blast wheel 2

Power Requirement of Wheel and Air systems

blast wheel 3

For abrasive flow of 2100 Lbs per minute

  • 21 operators
  • ½” nozzles
  • Compressed air consumption 350ft³/min

per nozzle

  • Compressor power 1400 kW


4 wheels 20 HP each

80 HP (60 KW)

Energy factor 24 !!!


•    Velocity of shot easily controlled through wheel speed.

•    High flow rate of abrasive will provide high production.

•    Economical – one wheel can throw 300 lbs per minute with a 15 HP

wheel equal to five 3/8” nozzles at direct pressure at 80 psi at a

power requirement of 190 HP.

•    Self contained unit does not require a compressor.


•    Can only use metallic media.

•    Can damage delicate parts.

•    Not good for localized peening.

•    Greater abrasive consumption.


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