Wire mesh shot blasting machine brief introduction

Wire mesh shot blasting machine is designed to provide a high production for a variety of product sizes and shapes. Place the workpiece to be processed on the horizontal wire mesh belt conveyor that going through the shot blasting machine. It will offering a continuous cleaning solution for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, special steel hardware accessories, vehicle accessories, brake pads, valve pipe fittings, machinery accessories and other precision castings.

The principle of wire mesh shot blasting machine

The wire mesh shot blasting machine mainly applies strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel and castings in the original state to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on it, so that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality of the steel and antiseptic effect. The wire mesh transfer the workpiece to pass in an automatic, continuous and uninterrupted manner and accepts projectile in multiple directions. The pivotal blasting head maximizes the shot blasting efficiency and avoids collisions between parts and damage to the surface of the parts. The wire mesh shot blasting machine blast turbines can be adjusted according to the shape and size of different castings. By adjusting the vertical hub, it can more targeted shots of the target parts. A single head can be adjusted systematically with the hub to achieve multiple head positions, and the target is more concentrated and precise. The mechanical rotation of the throwing head can be continuous or indexed, and the fine adjustment device installed on the pivot axis base can fine-tune 20 degrees in the vertical direction.

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The features of wire mesh shot blasting machine

  1. The blasting chamber is made of a full wear resistant manganese steel plate, which is locked by a high wear-resistant nuts. One the side of the machine have the access door, which is convenient to maintenance the blasting chamber and replacement the guard plate.
  2. The motor-driven wire mesh is used for conveying, which has a long life and stable transmission. All linkage mechanisms have protection devices and warning signs.
  3. The compact and airtight design of the shot blasting chamber ensures no shot splashing.
  4. Adopting the power assembly system of casting type blast turbine, adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, equipped with semi-automatic flow control valve, with extremely low failure rate and high shot conveying efficiency All the vulnerable parts inside the polishing head are processed by precision CNC machining of die steel + low-pressure vacuum heat treatment. The surface hardness reaches 58-62HRC, and it has extremely high wear resistance. Improve the service life of the wearing parts of the polishing head.
  5. The recovery of steel shot adopts spiral pusher + hoist recovery system, which is stable and reliable.
  6. The use of Venturi wet dust collector, which is fire-proof and explosion-proof, without any spare parts, the later equipment maintenance cost is low, and the dust emission is less than 50mg/m3.
  7. All the labels on the equipment are pasted in place, and the labels such as safety reminders, maintenance reminders, operation specifications, equipment status, after-sales service engineer cards and service record sheets are clear at a glance.
  8. All maintenance and inspection doors have safety detection devices. When an emergency occurs, immediately press the safety control device, and gradually eliminate the problem according to the fault point.
  9. The machinery and electrical of the whole equipment are designed and manufactured according to the European standard CE standard, and each mechanism and electrical part are related to each other to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

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